Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

So, I've been a little worried about this weekend. 

It's the first Christmas in their lives that I won't be with my children, and I've been studiously making sure I have set into motion all the things that keep me from slipping in despair. 

But this morning? 

This morning I woke up smiling, and my Christmas spirit seems to have been delivered after all. My kids are safe and warm and healthy --there is luxury in that knowledge that not all moms have. 

Tomorrow I'll be delivering wrapped presents of gently used clothing to the homeless --how amazing to have such an opportunity to be of service. 

I have an huge-hearted and loving support system, plenty of food and shelter, a ridiculous cat, and a vast online family of hilarious and dear friends. I am so blessed.

Happy holidays, everyone.

And thank you.