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I woke up on this beautiful Saturday in November and was happy.

Just that. Just this realization of an expansive kind of contentment sitting somewhere around my solar plexus. Not some kind of frantic euphoria, not the bubbly whatever that is when you have a crush on someone -- nothing laced with anxiety. Just a solid kind of the contentment that comes with some hard-won balance.

It's been a while in coming.

This isn't even that great of a time for me. For one thing, the house I still own with my ex-husband hasn't sold (Quick! Sacrifice some spaghetti in hopes that it sells soon!) and this semester has been really hard. I'm still dealing with some residual skin issues leftover from the radiation treatments, and about to start my first batch of testing post breast cancer treatment. Both of my kids are struggling a bit with the impending holidays. I am, too. Well, not struggling exactly, but aware how different life is post-divorce. This Thanksgiving was the first time in…

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