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Listening For The Ocean

I am at the ocean.    It’s been more than a year.   Two-and-a-half years ago, I go to the ocean with my new love. Already something seems to be wrong within my body –but I pass it off to a year of hard knocks. Breast cancer surgeries and radiation treatments, grad school study marathons, and my first sessions with clients as a brand-new therapist in practicum.   Eighteen months later, I am done with grad school and almost a thousand hours of client sessions. My youngest child graduates from high school. My oldest child navigates a sexist program at their university and a truly evil roommate situation and survives a complete physical breakdown resulting in pneumonia. I fly to California on a rescue mission, Strong Mama. My youngest child fledges to college in California. I graduate with my Masters in Counseling, finish the major renovation of the new house I will share with my beloved. I take and pass the National Counseling Exam and am at a standstill until I am licensed.   We go to th

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