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Now With NO Cancer*

I had my first surgery Thursday (5/18) --the lumpectomy to remove the cancerous cells in my breast.

The doctor called the very next day to say that he got it all and that the margins were clear and...

are you ready??

There was no further sign of cancer in the excised tissue!

So, you know, I was pretty overjoyed, but I'd just had surgery and was on pain meds and wonky--the first pain medication I took made me really, really itchy and it's hard to realize your blessings when you're itchy. It didn't really hit me until I FINALLY had a good night's sleep and realized that, as far as we know, I am now cancer free.*


Free from Cancer.*


I just...

So, I didn't even know how much that was weighing on me, the idea that there could be worse cancer revealed in the lump. I haven't slept through the night since this whole things started. After I talked to the doctor, I went to sleep and slept and slept and slept.

Gosh, I needed that sleep.

So, no…

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