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We Are Saved Only By Love

My kitty Edward, who has been one of the larger than life characters on this blog for its entirety, went into decline at the end of March. He stopped eating much of anything and lost so much weight that he seemed just literally skin and bones. I think at the end his bones were hurting his skin FROM THE INSIDE. I took him to our vet and they couldn't find anything wrong with him without a whole host of invasive tests and I just...I just couldn't do that to him. I still feel terrible about putting Scout through the surgeries at the end of his life. I knew Scout was dying, but the vets we were using convinced us that it might be worth it and that we could have as much as another year with him and he'd have a good quality of life. It's just so hard to know the right thing to do with our pets, you know? I've learned that I need to trust my instincts. Edward was 13 and medically fragile for most of his life; he wasn't going to get better.

So, I promised Edward that …

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