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No More Hiding

So, about two weeks ago, I found a lump on the side of my recovered-from-cancer breast that was very painful. I waited a few days for it to go away, and then called the doctor when it didn't, went in on Thursday, she referred me to my cancer surgeon (which was a little concerning since that implies, well, surgery) and called him to get me in for an appointment yesterday. He didn't feel anything suspicious at all, did an ultrasound and didn't see anything concerning, and concluded that it was just a fairly common scar-tissue reaction to radiation treatments. Course of steroids prescribed and I'm to see him in two weeks. All good. Except, um, well, I did that thing I do. That thing where I don't share what's going on with people except in a way that minimizes it and makes it a funny little party anecdote. I gave the PR version to the few people I told. I cut myself off from the love and empathy and compassion and connection of the people who mean the most to me be…

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