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And I'm Done

Forgive me for the long interval between updates. Honestly, I just had my head down, putting one foot in front of the other to the end of this summer. And now, it's like, "Hey, where did the summer go?" (Funny how that happens.)

But just like that, I'm done with breast cancer. April through the third week in August, start to finish. I had my last radiation treatment on August 18. I have some follow-along check ups but everything went as planned and honestly, as smoothly as possible.

Which is not to say it wasn't hard.

It was FREAKING hard.

It's just that most people have it so much harder.

The thing about cancer, for me anyway, is that it was just like re-entering the atmosphere. Everything non-essential just burned away.  Any emotional baggage I was carrying, or preconceived notions of limitations, or negative self-judgment just...went away. It ended up being really empowering.

(Which is how I started online dating, actually. But that is another post. Or an…

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