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End of Summer

So, the fall semester starts tomorrow. For those of you keeping score at home, I have two semesters left and in the spring I will graduate with my Masters in Counseling, take the National Counseling Exam, and begin the 3,000 hours of supervised internship that I need in order to be fully licensed. It will have taken about three years of graduate school to get to graduation, and I'm not sure how many more to get my 3,000 hours. I have a few irons in the fire for my post-graduate internship but haven't heard back yet. I started seeing clients at my PRE-grad internship in May, and it was the most validating and hardest semester of this program thus far. I was born to do this work, and I genuinely believe that my clients are the bravest people I've ever met.

Tomorrow will be a day of firsts, I guess. First day of the semester and first day of my new eating program.  As I write this, I am enjoying the most perfect, beautiful cup of coffee.

And I kind of want to weep a few despe…

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