Saturday, October 29, 2011

NOT a Zombie Apocalypse

Today on Long Island, the weather is freakishly cold, and...well...sleeting.


In October.

The weather station says a low of 37 degrees is predicted, although it's already 35 degrees, so what do they know? I am spending my day helping Jane (11) with her Halloween costume.

Wait.  Wait, what is this??

Is it the Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombies?  Hello?
Ah!  Not Zombies.

Radiant heat.

I'm not leaving the house until Spring.

Wait, maybe my feet ARE the feet of a Zombie.  That would explain so much.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Cooper B & B and a Birthday

It's been fast and furious here at the Cooper Bed and Breakfast. We've gotten the hot tub fully operational, had house guests from the 30th until the 12th, had to rather unexpectedly buy a new car, went apple picking, saw a Broadway show, and most importantly, celebrated Jane's eleventh birthday.

(I know.  I don't believe it either.)

First, my parents and my cousin-from-Germany, Robin, were due to arrive on the 30th.  

Since we recently moved, this necessitated a trip to Ikea in order to buy my older daughter Ana (13) a new bed, because she was still sleeping on a mattress on the floor and it was getting a little crowded. 

We didn't get it put together before the visitors arrived --because it had at least 8 BAZILLION pieces --but this turned out to be fine because my cousin is the Ikea Whisperer.  At some point, my husband came out of Ana's room on Friday night and said, "I can't even hand him the parts fast enough."

Then my nephew, who lives in NYC, came out for the weekend. We were running a little short of beds so Jane graciously gave up hers. 

We put a mattress for her on the floor of our room, which was a nice reminder of why you would never want to actually share a BED with Jane.  All night long, we could hear her levitating slightly above her mattress, thrashing about, back and forth.  Some people think she inherited this trait from ME, but, believe me, she has taken it to entirely new heights.

Meanwhile, everyone has departed the B&B and the mattress remains on my bedroom floor.  Scout has adopted it as his own.) (Parenthetical picture--boo YAH!)

Anyway, eventually, after drinking a lot of beer, the guys finished putting together the bed.
Which meant that we could get down to the really IMPORTANT stuff.  My nephew taught my mom to play Words With Friends, and after that, every picture I took of my mom looked like this: 
I'm kidding, of course.  I did get some good photos, despite the fact that my camera was acting up.

(I'm sure that had NOTHING to do with the fact that my cousin brought his superior camera equipment, including a Nikon D90 with an incredible lens. I think I just heard Santa faint.)

There was time on the beach:
Cousin, mother. nephew, husband, daughter
And a trip apple picking, which turned out to be a big bust because Hurricane Irene ruined the apple crop this year:
Jane and my parents picking apples...out of a big box.  Not really the experience we were hoping for...
We DID take the girls to a corn maze and turn them loose for the first time on their own.  We gave Jane a phone in case she needed help, which sparked a hilarious deluge of texts, the last one saying that while she hadn't exactly given up hope, we could find her will under her bed.

(She found her way out, for those of you getting worried.)

Then, it was Jane's birthday.


I know...I...just...

I know.

Somehow, Jane's birthday has evolved into this week long festival (she asks for special treats because, "it's my birth week.") culminating in her actual birthday celebration which includes:

(These kind of turned out looking like feet.  I am no Kelly Cheatle.)
Chocolate chip pancakes.  


(As an aside, I was worried that I would forget an ingredient when I was doing my grocery shopping.  Luckily, at MY store, there is THIS aisle:
Whew!  THAT'S a relief.

A full-on Present Hunt, sort of like an Easter Egg hunt, only with fewer eggs.

A steak dinner

And then the Opening of the Presents:
New golf club from Dad, her golfing buddy
Including a giant ream of paper, because, well, who wouldn't like THAT?

and some time before bed spent reading violent and inappropriate comic books while lying on the hot tub surrounded by her bounty.

Happy birthday, little Hurricane.  Just thinking about you makes me smile.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ana's On the Roof (No, Really.)

Remember this joke?

There are two brothers, Sam and Dean. Sam asks Dean to to watch his house and cat while he is away on vacation. After a few days, Sam calls Dean.

"Hey, how are things? House still standing? How's my cat doing?"

Dean swallowed hard, "Well yeah man, your house is still standing.  Sorry to tell you this, though, but your cat died."

"What?" Sam said. "You just can't tell someone that his cat is dead. You have to break it to him gently. You should say that the cat is on the roof, trying to catch a bird."

Dean agreed.

"So," Sam continues. "How's Grandma?"

"Well, Grandma's on the roof."


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Decorating for Halloween

I have a long post in the works about my parents' visit and how we had to buy a new car and shop at Ikea and celebrate Jane's eleventh birthday (I know, I don't believe it either.) but first, I just had to show y'all our Halloween yard art.

I stole the idea off of Facebook (because theft of intellectual property is totally the sincerest form of social networking.) I am lucky, because, as we all know, I have a prom dress to use as a model...

It turns out that chicken wire is very stabby and as such, made me say words that are unbecoming of a Southerner.  Also? I'm bleeding, but it was totally worth it.
I am particularly proud of the bow on the little one. I might need stitches, but I am proud anyway.
And my friend Rebecca suggested I use them as tomato cages in the Spring.  I'll have the best dressed tomatoes on the PLANET!