The Characters

In reverse alphabetical order:

Ramona: The older of my kids. Nineteen. Very private and self-contained, with a wicked sense of humor. The kid is a ROCKER. They (desired pronouns) still like me about 70 50  85% of the time. Can be bribed with Sephora gift cards. Sophomore at the University of Southern California.

Peanut Butter (aka Peanut, Butters, PB): Our newest addition. Lived with his former family for seven years until the family fell on hard times and he was surrendered back to the shelter. Fierce snuggler, the best kind. Drinks out of the toilet and the bathtub but not his pristine filtered water bowl. Such a good kitty --we are smitten with him.

Jane: The younger of my daughters, seventeen-years-old. Knows no small battles. Knows no small joys.  Is an amazingly talented writer/illustrator and future Empress of the World. NOT A PLEASER. Poised to take over the world if we would just get the heck out of her way. Find her and her 73,000 followers on WattPad under the name of Jane Conquest.

And then there's me.

Barb: Writer, Editor and occasional yoga instructor, 52. Divorced. Breast cancer thriver. Huge-hearted, well-socialized introvert. Suffers from extreme phone phobia (I will call you back NEVER  at some point but still prefer texting.) Considers herself a grateful observer, a recovering perfectionist, and shy. Capable of creativity under pressure. Struggles to get out of her head and be fully present. Loves her children more than life itself. Would rather be doing yoga than just about anything, except maybe grad school. Currently seeking a Masters in Counseling.