Cloak of Blessings

Originally, I posted this idea in response to something insensitive someone had done to me and I listed my blessings, which have changed over the years. But the Coat of Blessings stays the same and it's still a primary defense mechanism against the casualty cruelty of the world. 

I do this thing where I visualize the blessings of my life--all the things I cherish most-- as pieces of rich, heavy fabric. I list them out and each blessing gets its own piece of fabric. And then in my mind, I weave them into a fabulous, heavy cloak and I wrap it around myself. Nothing can touch me under that cloak. Because these are the things that nothing--small or large acts of ugliness, ridiculously spastic moments of embarrassment, blatant rudeness or cruelty--NOTHING can take away from me.

I'd love to hear if you try this and it works for you. So much love and gratitude to you for being part of my Cloak.



Erin said…
I love the cloak image. The only way to survive any year, and this year especially, is to be grateful for every little thing.
Julia said…
What a lovely thought. I will absolutely try this when I want to be invincible or maybe when I just want to feel delicious.