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Not Drinking Alcohol, reprise

  Some time ago (2013), I wrote this about not drinking . I'm tempted to say, "Ditto." and go on about my life. Because here I am again. After my divorce, when I started dating again, I started drinking alcohol again. Moderately. It was pretty fun. Until it wasn't. In 2020, when my pain from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia got super loud, I drank a LOT. Every day, for months. Then I started to take months off from drinking, as I tried new meds. I stopped drinking on work nights for stretches. And around Thanksgiving, I just stopped. I didn't want to do anything formal or official or make some big proclamation because I am trying very hard to stop living as though the world works in absolutes. I wanted to stop the big gestures, the big campaigns. I've always lived my life as a series of projects or experiments and frankly, I'm tired of that part of myself. I'm so tired of the righteousness and stridency of people engaged in moral absolutism. So, I'm

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