Small Socks

So, I finished them. The socks for Ana (newly nine-years-old), I mean. The ones she really wanted me to make for her. They are beautiful and they took an enormous amount of time on itty-bitty knitting needles. Here they are drying after their inaugural hand (!) washing.

I already know that she's not going to wear them. She put them on once during the process and immediately proclaimed them "itchy" and took them back off.

I knitted them anyway. I knitted them knowing this even before I started them.

This morning, I took the girls to school (this boot was made for hobbling) and when I went to kiss her goodbye, she ducked her head and butted up against me like calves do their mothers. I whispered, "I'm sorry. No more kissing in public?" She nodded, embarrassed, and then leaned all her weight against me in apology.

Here, my love. I knitted you some socks. And I knitted every bit of my love for you, and my mixed feelings about you growing up, into each of the 34,000 stitches.

I don't even care if you wear them or not.

Small things.


The BlogHore said…
Jessie stopped making eye contact with me in the school yard about 3 years ago. Sometimes, I make a a big scene and mortify her by yelling and waving and calling "Bye Jessie - I love you" and sometimes it pisses me right off and I vow to give her a "talking to" at the end of the day. But, then, at home, she's her same self who loves me and talks to me and wants to sit right beside me and twirl her fingers in my hair and I forget all about how she dissed me in the school yard.
yvonnep said…
I love your little story as much as the beautiful socks.
Anonymous said…
Barb, your blog reminded me of the knitted RAINBOW (mostly neon yellow, lime green, orange and brown colors)sweater my mom specifically made for me. As a teenager, I totally rejected it, which probably sent my mom into a stream of tears....sigh...And then some 20 years later, my mother passes away, and a friend of hers mails me the sweater. I recognized it immediately. It is one I can't wear anymore, as it is too small, but it does hang in my closet...I think your daughter will enjoy the socks if not today, then when she is a bit older, itchy and all.
Karmon said…
Oh Barb- Chase started doing this about a year ago. I know how your feeling. ((HUGS))
Amy said…
oh man - now I'm crying! Thanks for sharing...
Jo Ann said…
So I think this blog is like you knitting socks.

Because when your children are grown, they'll read this. Or open their drawer and remember that you knitted those socks.

And they'll kiss you in public.
Really gorgeous socks, Deary. And a sweet story too. Kids. Garsh. I made a bright orange sweater, with navy and yellow stripe around the chest, for my son when he was about 6. He literally wouldn't take it off. He wore it for about 5 years. Every picture of him during those years - he's wearing that sweater. My daughter? HA! She traded EVERYthing I ever made her to her friends. Everything. What is it with girls?
yvonnep said…
Yes, that's what life is all about: to make your children independent and strong with their own opinions. But it's not easy! Even though very nice socks. Keep them 'cause in the future Ana will want them for sure. :-)