More Foot Excitement--Seriously!

Oh, my gosh, I am so excited that I'm actually standing up to type this.

This morning, just after I ordered my new ball winder and swift... (y'all are going to have to Google that if you don't know what it is because I am too excited to find a photo on-line. Basically, they are the two contraptions that allow you to wind skeins of yarn into those pretty, pretty balls of yarn that don't get all in a snarl when you knit out of them. Of course, my husband asked, "Why doesn't yarn just already come in balls?" for which I had no good answer. Why doesn't it? Anyone?)

But ANYWAY, as I was saying, I had just ordered my new ball winder and swift (early birthday present) when my podiatrist's office called. Did I have a moment to speak with Dr. Martin? Yes, I did.

Dr. Martin got on the phone and told me that he reviewed all of my films and scans and everything about my case last night but that something was still bothering him. He said that after yesterday's lidocaine injection into my sinus tarsi cavity, my foot became instantly more flexible. And that was kind of in the back of his mind as being inconsistent with the physiology of my foot. He went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night (Ah, yet another person who can blame sleepless nights on me!) with an epiphany that maybe the problem with my foot wasn't due to the failed fusion or the strange coalition (I know, I know...I don't really understand all of the terminology either. Whenever someone refers to the "coalition" in my foot, I immediately picture an angry mob pressing for union scale wages and coffee breaks.) but due to a totally different problem, namely that the compression on the canal/cavity might be causing an unpleasant bone-on-bone situation.

Okay, if I've lost you... well, it doesn't matter because the basic idea is that if Dr. Martin can insert this little thimble-like thing into the cavity, it will hold it open and stop the compression and hence stop the sort-of excruciating pain I've been in. The only way to test the hypothesis first, though, would be to tape the foot in a position that mimics the way it would be if the insert were already in my foot. Could I come to Queens and be taped?


You know how I'm always looking for signs that things are going to work out? Well, as I was driving to Queens, first I saw THIS van: ("Refridgerated?" Good Grief, even TRUCKS need editors) and then as I was passing under Utopia Parkway, a bird pooped on my car.

Not really the signs I was hoping for.

But then I got to talking to this woman in Dr. Martin's waiting room and she told me she's done FIVE surgeries with him. She had deformed bones, too, and she thinks he's a really good doctor. And then we got to talking more and she even wanted my blog address!

So anyway, long story short (shorter? Short-ISH?) Dr. Martin taped my foot and I have been walking around like a normal person every since. (Well, normal-er. Normal-ISH?) (Oh, just hush.)

There is still a slight twinge every now and then when I step funny but dudes, I'm walking with a normal gait and not like some sort of sore-footed Hobbit.

I cannot express to you how incredible this is after the past two years of FULF-dom. It's like the difference in the movie The Wizard of Oz between Kansas and Oz. Black and white to color. It's simply freaking amazing.

And you know the other thing? For the first time in a long time, I feel energized by HOPE that there might be some sort of answer to my pain. I still have a ways to go--if this taping shows that the issue has to do with compression, I still have to have surgery (scheduled for February 26) and I have to recover from that and do some intensive physical therapy.

I know that my foot pain is nothing compared with the issues some people are facing. But for me, as an active, fit, forty-three year old woman, it has had a catastrophic effect on my life. The idea that the end may be in sight --that I might once again walk to the mailbox without even thinking about it twice --is just miraculous to me. I swear I'll never take it for granted again.


MadMad said…
Um... you do know that bird poop is actually GOOD luck, right? (I can't speak for "refridgerated," though.) But anyway, YAY! That's wonderful news!
hollygee said…
Marvelous, that is excellent news.
Susan said…
I'm so glad that things are looking more promising!
ccr in MA said…
How wonderful! I love that your doctor continued to ponder the possibilities: he sounds like just what you need. Fingers crossed!
Lynn said…
Chronic pain is bad, no matter how you slice it. Just because your situation is different, doesnt mean it's not bad. That being said, WOOHOO on a dr that seems to know what he's doing!!!
hokgardner said…
I am crossing all fingers and toes that this works for you!
hokgardner said…
Oh, and I bought my own ball winder and swift last year and I LOVE having them.
Stefanie said…
So, so, so awesome. Amazingly awesome. You're so lucky to have a doctor like that and I hope and pray that it will work for you!

(Ball winder and swift? I am so jealous. ;) )
Debbie J said…
I've heard that too--that a bird pooping on you is good luck. It sounds like you have a great and concerned doctor.
Suna said…
I am really, really glad to read this news. I have been worrying about you and hoping something will get found out. Your doctor sounds GREAT. Like he really cares. And he knows what he is talking about, too!
Karen ~ said…
kim said…
I am SO happy for you and for HOPE!!! Really, really happy. Sympathy elation. You know what? You deserve yarn to go with that swiff and winder!!! Dr. Martin is like a real-life House (you know, without the Vicodin)!
jen said…
Yay! That is very exciting news. As someone who has long-term ankle and foot problems I am super hopeful for you!
Mokihana said…
You know what I'm really thankful for? That your doctor listened to that epiphany in the middle of the night and didn't try to rationalize it away. He didn't let anything get in the way of trying something that had come to him that way. Bake him some cookies for me, will ya?

I am delighted for you, glad you were led to that doctor, and praising God that your pain has been relieved!

Mokihana said…
PS: I hope Edward is waving his tail in exultation!
What a great doctor! And what great news!
K said…
I know what a ball winder and swift are thanks to my Mom. After helping hold yarn she is widning into balls I have often wondered why the yarn is just not sold that way in the first place, tell Coop he is not alone.

Anyway I am so happy for you and your wonderful news. Being pain free or even living with less daily pain would be just awesome! I hope the surgery goes well!
Becca said…
aaaak! I have been in bed for days and missed this AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!

(and by the way, slightly off topic, I grew up wiht a black and white TV and did not know until my first year of college, watching tv in a dorm common room, that when dorothy steps out of the hosue into OZ, the world changes to color. i freaked out and it was very embarrassing letme tell you...)
Ann in NJ said…
I love a doctor that thinks about you and your issues even AFTER the office visit is over. That is a doctor to hang on to.

Just bought a ball winder. Can't quite justify a swift yet (and my mom wouldn't send me hers) so Rachel and I took turns being the swift.
Linda said…
Be careful with that whole walking to the mailbox thing. I cavalierly walked to the mailbox on Groundhog Day, slipped on the one and only patch of ice present on my front walk, and broke my left fibula right above the ankle! So now I'm in a cast and feeling fairly helpless. During tax season, wouldn't ya know?

Hope all goes well with your journey to better foot function!
Tiny Tyrant said…

Barb, this is WONDERFUL!

I am so excited for you!

Lots of good thoughts. Good luck with the surgery.

Your doctor sounds like a gem.
otter said…
I love a doctor who listens to his gut!
I am so happy for you!
LaDonna said…
That's amazing that your doc is so dedicated! Wonderful news!

Oh, and the reason that yarn doesn't come in balls...cuz then the guy who sells winders and swifts to frustrated knitters would be out of business. ;)
Amanda said…
The reason yarn doesn't come wound in balls is something to do with yarn staying in the shape it's kept in. So if it's kept in long loose skeins, that's better for the yarn, storage wise, than the tighter balls. Until you're about ready to knit with it, and then it's fine to be in the balls, since it's not long term going to be stored like that.

Which is why when you undo a sweater and the yarn is all wiggly and loopy, sometimes washing it and drying it and putting it back into a skein will make it easier to deal with in the long run.
Barb said…
Amanda, I can't seem to e-mail you from this computer (Dang security settings) but should I not be winding my yarn with my gorgeous new swift and ball winder??

I'm panicking since I've wound, oh, like 600 skeins so far. (Maybe I exaggerate a tad.)