Friday, April 01, 2011

Good One

Every April 1st, I wage a little battle with myself.  On one hand, I HATE April Fool's Day.  But on the other hand, I'd sort of like to play a really good joke.

Sometimes I think about writing a blog post complaining about how, as I was driving my dang kids to school I had to slam on my brakes, thus causing my lighted cigarette to fall into my morning beer, which made me say a string of curse words (without blushing) that would have scarred my innocent children had they not taught the words to me earlier in a heated exchange with their school Principal after he dared to complain that they'd taken his car for a joy ride and driven over the cemetery near our house, which, as I explained to the Principal, wouldn't have happened--it's never happened when they've taken his car before --but they were trying to teach the puppy to drive.

I'm always a little afraid that someone will take something like that seriously, though, and as we all know, I HATE beer.

Still, I have an appreciation for a good joke as much as the next person.  Take, for example, what it's doing outside even as we speak.

Good one, God.


smalltownmom said...

Nother Nature,t he world's greatest jokester.

momwhoknits said...

Yes - our spring run tomorrow morning (in the light! With clear paths!) is over shadowed by the "winter storm warning in effect for most of southern Alberta, with up to 20 cm. of snow predicted". It makes me want to ....cry (or take to my bed with a case of the vapours!)

deb said...

Supposed to be 80 in Cali today (not an AFJ). my daughter's bday too! Wish I had your snow here! (AF)

Shaatzie said...

I have got to admit I really enjoyed your fantasy morning and exchange with the principal.

It created some lovely pictures in my head of what I'd like to do just one time in my all too goody two-shoes lifetime.

Just once to be really, really bad, and—well, enough for that now. I have dishes to do, errands to run, and my daughter will be home from school soon.

Lynn said...

It was crazy-cold here yesterday. We are expecting 87F today. I appear to be having a relapse of the respiratory yuck that has been taking potshots at me for the past several weeks, and while I was the one who picked up the cake this morning, I am missing the office birthday party as we speak, and I am one of the birthday kids.

Let me just state for the record that lugging half a sheet cake from the parking garage up a short flight of stairs to the elevator and thence to the 7th floor and my desk, should not qualify as a new Olympic event, but apparently today it does. Hence the steroid dose pack which is waiting for me after I have finished my lunch.

Oye. Oh how I wish this were an AFJ.

Angela said...

Seriously, you hate beer? Beer is God's way of telling us he loves us and wants us to be happy.

Susan said...

At least you don't still have snow covering the ground (and in huge drifts). I'm wondering if we will see summer this year or if it will be like Narnia - always winter and never Christmas.

deb said...

@Angela: I thought that was wine!

Judy Lee said...

I'm glad I found you again. I guess I was use to seeing your blogs on FB and not in my email. The yoga picture reminded me that I was missing your presence in my mother-sphere. On a side mother-note and not an April Fools joke :-), I took my sons and their girlfriends to see The Last Lions Friday night. It was amazing! Simply Amazing! A bit much for little ones given the harshness of nature at times - it is no Lion King - but it was a phenomenal story and National Geographic outdid itself in the production quality. Warning - take tissues!