Thursday, May 26, 2011

And, We Have a Winner!

Sarah, from the third comment on the Arbitrary New Year post, is the winner of the giveaway! (After assigning everyone who commented on the post a number, I used to generate a random number: 3.)   I loved, loved, LOVED her comment and was going to donate a can of worms in her name anyway, so now she gets not only worms, but an entire vegetable garden donated in her name!

She said:
Oddly, I just today, and after Yoga class (!), decided what my words for the year should be. They're not resolutions, they're more like directions. They are Strength and Balance. I've had others in past years, but this year I'm seriously less strong (physically) than I have been. I think I'm talking about physical strength and physical balance, but words like that have a way of turning metaphorical on you, so we'll see.
I almost know Sarah in real life --she might come stay a night with me if she's traveling up in this area.  I have known her virtually for many years.  Unlike my LAST giveaway, I have already contacted her and she accepts the present.  (anash and TruBrooklyn, I still have your tubes of the best smelling lotion ever if you want them.  Last chance, because after this I am donating them to a women's shelter because they are just sitting there, mocking me with their yummy Starbuck's-esque smell.)

Congratulations to Sarah and thank you all for playing along.  I think we're onto something here!


Shulamit said...

Congratulations, Sarah!


Anash said...

yay- thks! i just emailed you!

Sarah said...

So here I am thinking I won because you liked my post, and I read this and find out I won by Random Number. So I'm not talented, just lucky. Ah well. Lucky's not bad, I guess!

You're so good to give a garden. Something I should do too.


Barb said...

Sarah, I like to at least TRY to be fair and impartial. I really was going to donate worms in your name because you opened up such a beneficial can of them with your comment. The the Universe did the rest.

anash, I'm so glad! But I didn't get the e-mail. Did you send it to I'll check the dreaded Spam folder just to be sure...

Anash said...

Heello! i emailed you again...maybe going to spam perhaps...hmm...
anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com