Surprising Things About Contemplating a Move

It looks as though the Coopers are moving. Our house is under contract and we have found a really nice rental house. We're just trying to lock in all of the details and timing, but we hope to be moved by the time the girls start school on September 8. Which is very soon, but I would start moving right this very second if we could. Our lease doesn't start until September 1, though, so I'm just accumulating boxes in my living room.

This is a difficult time for me.  I think maybe the in-between time of a move--where everything is all about waiting and getting ready-- is difficult for me because I'm an Army brat and there is a certain post-traumatic-stress shimmer to these days. When we moved in my childhood, a move meant a complete upheaval of life as we knew it--new city, new house, new friends, new school.  That's not the case now, since we're just moving a few miles away, but try telling that to the little girl who lives in my head.

Anyway, as I contemplate leaving behind this house that has been our home for the past three-and-a-half years, one of the most surprising things is how completely UNemotionally attached I am to it. Don't get me wrong, I've really enjoyed living in this house. It's the fanciest house I've ever lived in. I guess I'm just not that fancy of a person, though, because I've always felt more at home in houses that were a little quirky. The rental house is both fancy AND quirky, so I already feel at home in it.

I believe that houses have their own personalities, in a way. Those are probably informed by the events that go on while we're living in them, and as such, this hasn't been the happiest house for the Coopers. The transition from Texas to New York was pretty brutal--kind of like suddenly moving to Mars.  When you combine culture shock with a dose of chronic pain and the inevitable losses when children start growing up --well, I'm really hopeful that the rental house is going to be a happier house than this one. Maybe our my growing pains will be less overwhelming.

The thing I'm going to miss most about living in THIS house is that the property backs to a large county park --which has nothing to do with the house itself. I'm going to miss the splendor of the seasons played out in those woods. I'm going to miss the wild, unbridled joy of my dogs as they raced along the trails.

Looking forward, I took some pictures of the new house the last time we visited. (As always, you can click to embiggen.)
This is the kitchen.  Need I say more?
Well, actually, that is ONE of the kitchens. It turns out that the cabana has a kitchen, too.
Coop standing in the cabana kitchen, which is almost as nice as my current kitchen!
Because, yes, the new house has a pool and a cabana.  We haven't actually seen the pool yet because it's covered and looks like this:
Part of the pool and the cabana.
But it's the real reason we're renting this house. Because we're from Texas and in denial of the fact that one month after the lease starts, we will no longer be able to swim because it's NOT HEATED. Coop is researching a work-around.

In the event that he is unable to find one, we have another option. The rental house has a hot tub. I mean, it has a hot tub inside of it. Look:
(Hot tub to the left of Jane, (10.) Jane is to the left of Ana, (13.)
See? It's a little quirky. Most houses don't have a hot tub right off of the kitchen. 

So, now the work begins. We're packing up and trying to cull through our possessions, as the new house doesn't have as much storage as our current house. It's a good, if painful, exercise in downsizing.

And we're waiting.

Which, as you all know, I really, really, really LOVE and am really, really, really good at.


Stefanie said…
BARB! I am SO happy for you that you sold your house and have found an awesome rental to move into! I think you are going to love the new place (and the jacuzzi!) and I can't wait to see your crazy moving blogs. Are there any roosters in sight?

Also, if you could just transplant one of your kitchens down here to my apartment? That would be nice. :)
kim said…
What an exciting adventure! I'm so happy for you and wish you the best. I'm still recovering from the move of 2009 myself....
Ann in NJ said…
That looks way fabulous, even without storage space. And that kitchen! Oh!

But I get the hurry-up and wait problem. You're in limbo, and there's a reason that state is classified as "not heaven". Nor is it hell - but it's next door.

Hang in there.
tanita davis said…
Oh, see, we moved, when I was a child, when I was five.

That was the last time. From the city where I was born into suburbia aaaaand... stop.

And so now my post high-school life has been move, move, move. All the way through college, the early years of me and Tech Boy, and just about every job he's gotten. So, I'm hearing you on the post-traumatic chick in your head.

I write to you from the bunker, twitching, with opened boxes littering the floor around me...
smalltownmom said…
I am fascinated by the idea of a kitchen hot tub.
Lisa said…
or is the hot tub a giant crock pot? i miss your black beans!
Lisa said…
renting is the new owning!
Denise M said…
I LOVE the rental! least the kitchen(s) and the pool! I was so thrilled with this house because the kitchen is huge and I actually have cabinets that have nothing really in them! I get the whole move from TX to NY thing..only mine was in reverse the first time. Growing up in NJ then moving to they say...Texas IS a whole other country! I loved it there though and the move back here to NJ after 10 years, was almost as big an adjustment. The only thing it has going for it is my family being here. The time we spent in the rental here felt like we were on some sort of vacation (that I wasn't thrilled with) and the almost year here in this house feels strange too. I love the house but it still doesn't feel like home to me yet.

Good luck packing up and getting moved. It will be easier on the girls since they won't be changing schools I think. Can't wait to see more pics!! Don't overdo the work you have to get done :-P
Aunt Snow said…
Wow. That house looks fantastic.

I find the most chaotic moves are the ones with the shortest distance between homes. The worst for me was moving into another apartment in the same building - this was years ago, of course, but boy, was I a wreck.

Good luck!
Shaatzie said…
One of your best blogs! The little girl that lives in our head is always there to add cautions, but in this case, if you show her this rental, she should be more than reassured! And this time, you move with a whole family into the coolest house on the East Coast!

What a happy prospect!
Bethany said…
hope you have a cabana boy lined up for spring? :). so glad for you and may the waiting be speedy, so speedy. i adore downsizing and purging while packing, but i'm weird like that. oh, and jacuzzis are wonderful no matter where they are, perhaps especially on bad fulf days?
knittergran said…
Oh, I hate moving, because all of our moves have been forced---to keep a job, for example. But it looks as though you have found a fantastic rental.
Good luck!
Lomagirl said…
What a fabulous house! Enjoy! I'm glad leaving your house won't be an emotional trauma- especially with a hot tub to go to! And I'm with Stefanie- I want a transplanted kitchen, too!
Mokihana said…
What a fabulous house! I love that kitchen in the rental, not to mention the hot tub.

Moving is a huge big deal...not an easy task at all.

This time, I hope Master Edward will stay behind closed doors for several weeks. I couldn't take it if he got lost again...
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Bend Crane said…
Very nice and exciting adventure. The hot tub is great inside the house so you dont even need to worry about moving it.
That hot tub is cool so I just had to say that. All the best!