I've had a lot of red wine. I'm sitting here with a hot glue gun and no fingerprints because hot glue guns and I don't mix well. And let's not even talk about the introduction of alcohol into the equation. Whee!

But what's a mom to do when she's leaving her poor defenseless offspring in the hands of her not-so-hapless husband but drink a lot of red wine and create the best damn Halloween costume imaginable.

Jane, my younger daughter who just turned four, wants to be a Pea. Not the letter or the liquid but the vegetable. She would never actually EAT said vegetable but she still wants to be one. So, by God, here I am. Because if I die mid-flight tomorrow, she will at least have this one GODAWFUL costume that I made especially for her. Such is a mother's love.

Meanwhile, the clock has struck midnight and I'm getting up in five hours to go meet my friends for the International Mothers of March '98 Babies Annual Gathering. See you in the Big Apple.