This is Not Politically Correct for a New Yorker to Say

And please don't tell anyone.

But I so love the snow.

I love it. IloveitIloveitIloveit. I swear, I didn't get my Christmas spirit until the snow started coming down today.

The official sources say it's a blizzard outside. I'm not sure what makes a snowfall a blizzard, exactly, but it might have something to do with the fact that it's snowing SIDEWAYS.

Here's my Ana (12.75), who does not actually share my love of the snow.

Here's Jane (10), who definitely DOES.

Life is pretty terrific.

Still photos to follow when I get outside with my good camera. I wish I could show you the riot at the bird feeders --that's a Joy Rush right there.

I'm keeping a hopeful heart for those of you traveling in this weather. Please be careful-- stay warm and wear wool socks.


Carole D. said…
Preferrably hand knit of course! LOL - you are not alone. Many New Yorkers love the snow! Kids especially. My - we are supposed to get up to 24 inches. Keep your fingers crossed the power doesn't go out with the wind from the sideways snow!
momwhoknits said…
I love snow too - but in Calgary, they don't do snow like in the East (where I am from originally).And so often, snow here is followed by bone-chilling-flesh-freezing-lung-piercing temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius (-23.8 degrees Farenheit) 0r -40 with the wind chill (conversion doesn't much matter at this point - cold is cold, whether Celsius or Farenheit). Still, I love the snow - and wish we could have some more here - the city looks a little worn and grey.
Lynn said…
Great minds think alike, at least in terms of upholstery. My cushions in my Pier One Seriously Cool Rattan Chairs are almost identical to the fabric in your chair. [I got mine on sale for $12 each, marked down from something like $90.] Did you hear me yeehawing all the way from Fort Worth when I saw your chair?

And yes, those wool socks ought to be hand knit.
Bullwinkle said…
Don't let them fool you - there's lots of snow lovers out there ;)

Jane is just darling! However, as one who has pushed the dog down the hill (on a sled) (she loved it!) into the road (it was closed due to snow) I have to ask - OMG! Is SHE headed toward the ROAD????
Barb Matijevich said…
We live on a private cul-de-sac so there is no danger. She slides down into our court--which isn't plowed due to being private. (We are trying to get the town to adopt it but they don't want it!)
anacoop said…
I do so love the snow! Rawr!