Snow Day Mania

Yes, we had another "Snow" Day today.  Except it's not really because of snow, it's because of ice.  Ice, ice everywhere and not a gin-and-tonic to drink.

School was cancelled. Work was cancelled. Yoga was cancelled.

The cleaners cancelled, at which point I started to lose the will to live.

We got a little bored. A little bitter. A little stir crazy.

So, we started weighing the pets. (Oh, like you didn't do that, too.)

I know what you're thinking. No, I really do. You're wondering if it's ALWAYS this crazy around here and how we can possibly stand the excitement.

We're wondering the same thing, actually.

I guess if it's another snow day tomorrow, we'll weigh the fish.


hokgardner said…
Better than what we've got going on around here. The children are competing to see who can drive me crazy first. At the moment, Elizabeth and Campbell are in the lead.
Lynn said…
I suppose I could weigh the dolls. Or the file folders I am emptying out, whose contents I am scanning and then shredding. It is cold out there. Ice storm cold. And I am drinking the last of the milk but not in the mood to crack open the almond milk. The fireplace has not stopped humming since before 4:30 yesterday morning, when the storm woke me up. I really really didn't want to go to work this morning, and the universe obligingly indulged my wish (the office remained closed). I really really don't want to stay home again tomorrow. Not even with all this lovely yarn, none of which is arguing with me or demanding beads (at the moment). OK, I'm done whining. And I know where the brownies are...
anacoop said…
Erm, Flapjack is still hiding. No weighing for him. And Magnificent One may try to bite our fingers off.
Marion Gropen said…
No one weighs ANYTHING in this house, by order of the Grand High Mama (me). Weight and mass are dirty words here, at least until I drop 30 or 40 pounds!

On the other hand, living in NYC, getting from place to place in inclement weather is a little more possible. If all else fails, we break out the winter sports equipment and go on foot.

About 8 years ago, we had a REALLY bad blizzard. That was the night that my daughter, then 2, picked to head into ketosis (which usually indicates kidney failure). It's a damn good thing my husband's a doctor because I sure wouldn't have recognized it as anything serious. Unfortunately, no emergency vehicles could get anywhere near our house. Fortunately, we had a little sled in the basement, and could load her on, and pull her the half mile to the local ER. I gather that it was the first time in many decades that they'd gotten a patient by sled.

Leave it to us to have a really weird story . . . . And thank your lucky stars you had no urgent need to go somewhere!
Barb Matijevich said…
You know, Marion, we got a little taste of your story last week during the sixteen-inch snowfall. I had the 'flu and both girls were complaining of symptoms so my husband, who had a terrible cold, bundled them up and took them to the clinic to get them tested for the 'flu. (Jane gets so sick that we couldn't risk her getting the 'flu and not having Tamiflu for her to lessen the severity of it.) That's about as close as I ever want to come to a true emergency in severe weather. I don't know how the pioneers did it--they didn't even have indoor plumbing!!
Bullwinkle said…
Wait ... is your husband wearing hand knit socks? Did you make them?
Lovely :)

I have not resorted to weighing the pets. Ned sits on the bathroom scale every morning. All by himself. We don't know why. (He weighs 17 pounds.)
Ei said…
You live a wild life, Barb.

Ann in NJ said…
Don't you love our lovely ice storms? That's what you get living on the edge of snow country - it can't decide whether to rain or snow so it sort of does both. And I love that you got the sound of all the ice falling off the trees.
I can beat you, though. A fallen tree in our neighborhood took out our phone, tv, and internet. Not the power, fortunately. So we had a snow day, 3 kids home, with no tv or internet. And my hubby was in LA.

Shoot me now.
Murr Brewster said…
Fish don't like being taken out of water. I recommend you weigh the whole tank, then take the water out of it and weigh that.