Texcation 2011, Dallas Fun

I ordered my mom a photo book of the photos from the Dallas portion of our Texas Vacation 2011. Mostly, the photos consisted of us (surprise!) eating at various establishments but there's also some pictures of the Easter Egg Hunt and then the family feast, starring all three of my siblings and me.  (I don't know what it says about me that people often assume that I'm an only child.)

Anyway, there are loads of pictures of my grand-nephew Kaleb because I may just be a little smitten with him, and there's an entire page devoted to the new retaining wall my parents had built in the creek bed in back of their house.  I just thought it was the coolest way to do construction.

(I've never uploaded a slide show like this before so forgive me if it's glitchy.)

Also, you will notice that at the family feast, I am wearing a shirt that I feared was cut down to THERE.  It turns out that THERE is no longer where I remembered it, so the shirt was fine.  (Sigh.)

(The cover of the photo book is sort of an inside joke because whenever we visit my parents (or they come to visit us), we end up doing a ton of laundry. It's a tradition.)

Here is a video from (surprise!) a Mexican restaurant in Dallas.  It turns out that Mexican food makes my girls giggly--who knew?
I dare you to watch it without giggling yourself.

We came home from Dallas to find that our garage freezer hadn't been working in over a week due to a freak lightening strike which tripped the surge protector the 'fridge is plugged into.  The contents of the freezer were a complete loss but on the plus side, we now have room for all of the tortillas we brought back with us.

It's good to be home with the beasties, but we sure miss our Texas people.


joannamauselina said…
What a great gift the photobook is. And what a wonderful visit it looks like you had. Jane is one of the world's cutest things, and Ana one of the prettiest.
The Dister said…
Love that Shutterfly thing. I've never done this but I think I will try. Glad you are home safe and sound. (You look fabulous, by the way)
Unknown said…
1. You are beautiful. 2. your parents' backyard is amazing! 3. Who are the cool biker people?
Anonymous said…
Great vacation and pictures.
After a freezer incident we found that our insurance covers food without having to meet a deductable.
Katie said…
I love the girly giggles! And tortillas.

So glad you have had a wonderful vacation.