Ana's On the Roof (No, Really.)

Remember this joke?

There are two brothers, Sam and Dean. Sam asks Dean to to watch his house and cat while he is away on vacation. After a few days, Sam calls Dean.

"Hey, how are things? House still standing? How's my cat doing?"

Dean swallowed hard, "Well yeah man, your house is still standing.  Sorry to tell you this, though, but your cat died."

"What?" Sam said. "You just can't tell someone that his cat is dead. You have to break it to him gently. You should say that the cat is on the roof, trying to catch a bird."

Dean agreed.

"So," Sam continues. "How's Grandma?"

"Well, Grandma's on the roof."



Mrs. G. said…
What's she doing up there, Barb? Is it just a nice place to get away and think or has she taken up construction since we last met?
Barb Matijevich said…
She likes to do her homework up there. Which kind of makes it hard to protest.
It looks fairly flat, so it's probably pretty comfortable... when the sun's out. Does she pull the ladder up after her so no one else can get up there? (I thought of you today when I was making B&B pickles.)
I always think of that joke when there is bad news to deliver!
Kathy Ireland said…
"Ummm. I think I choose "on the ground" over homework. I'd be a nervous wreck!

I like the joke though. I've never heard it before.
Bullwinkle said…
Roofs are easy! I loved climbing on the roof when I was a kid. It was the jumping off the roof that scared my mother ;)
tanita✿davis said…
I spent a lot of my 12-15 years on the roof of the shed in the backyard. I had to climb a tree to get up there, and in the summertime, I enjoyed it especially because I was virtually invisible..

My mother enjoyed it much less, for some odd reason.
Ei said…
I remember feeling that there was something romantic about sitting on the roof too.

How weird teenagers are :D
Susan said…
She is one cool girl.
Katie said…
This is so funny to me. When I told some friends that the rabbit had died there were squeal of excitement. I replied 'No, really. The rabbit died'.
bethany said…
I've always loved the roof ... used to go up and watch thunderstorms there in my more insane years. Something so free and delightful about it to me. I get it :).