Christmas Eve Musings: We Are Blessed

This morning, I had to go have my blood drawn for my annual thyroid test. (I've been hypothyroid for almost 30 years.)

Yes, I had to go on Christmas Eve.

I would have gone earlier this month, but that might have meant missing yoga and you know how I feel about THAT.  (As it was, despite the fact that my forty-six year old body was screaming for a break, the twenty-year-old in my head was MASSIVELY pouting.)

So, because I had to fast (also not my favorite thing), I went when the lab first opened this morning. I was in a bit of a dark mood, because my family had stayed up late watching a movie and the living room looked like a bomb had gone off.  Ditto the kitchen.

Anyway, pre-coffee and grumpy, I sat in the waiting room, waiting my turn.

I noticed the family across from me, two parents and their little girl, roughly the same age as my eleven-year-old, Jane.  As I watched them, the realization dawned on me that this was a family dealing with a catastrophic illness of a child.  The little girl looked terrible--drawn and listless--and she was dealing with the repeated calls for more tests like a veteran. Her parents were studiedly upbeat, but the father's hands were shaking as he pretended to read his newspaper.

And there it was, see.

The ultimate reminder of how blessed we are.  That in the midst of all of the noise of the holidays and the frustrations with the hurried rudeness of people, the good fortune of having our healthy, funny, smart, merry little band of Coopers almost slipped past me.

I inhaled the gratitude and exhaled a prayer for the little girl and her family, ashamed of my petty grievances when others are battling my worst nightmare.

May you all enjoy good health and an abundance of family (assuming that's a good thing) this holiday season.  If you (or a loved one) are battling illness or addiction, may there be healing and hope today. Whatever your struggles, may you also be reminded of your blessings, and may you find a quiet moment to reflect on the bounty of this world.

And if you can spare a kind thought for a sick little girl in Huntington, New York, I know it will not be in vain.

Happy Holidays, everyone.



Anonymous said…
Thank you sweetie.

We will both use your blessings and send ours to be used as well.
Anonymous said…
will do, and thanks for the reminder. always close to tears at the holidays, and that just tipped me over the edge :). i have a happy insanely healthy brood myself, and my FB feed has been reminding me of friends and family in the hospital, sick kids, etc and it really does put it in perspective. Happy holidays to you and your delightful fam!
Anonymous said…
Call her Holly, maybe, or Carol, or Noelle. I hope you do a yoga pose for Holly...and the doctors figure out how to help her. It's possible, let's hope it happens. Go Holly, go!
And go Barb, may your thyroid be predictable and your meds easy on ya.
Bullwinkle said…
awww Sweetie, you made me cry.
Judy said…
We are so blessed.
Thank you for the beautiful reminder.
And healing prayers for the child in need.
Karen Moore said…
Thank you for sharing this important reminder that there are always others dealing with more than I am. I'm scrapbooking each day of December and your post inspired to write about the many Christmas miracles our family has been blessed with (ny husband has had 2 liver transplants). Not only is important for me to remember how lucky we are, but also share the memories with our daughters! Merry Christmas and God's blessing to you and your family.
Gloria j Zucaro said…
Thank you, Barb, for the tears. February first of 2010 my darling little grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. So yes, prayers for all the sweet little ones who are ill and for all their families whose dream of a perfect life for them is forever gone, but especially for the fact that we still have them in our lives.
Susan said…
It is true that we don't hve to look very hard to see those with bigger problems around us. My thoughts go out to that child and her family.

All the best to you and yours in 2012.
Miri said…
Catching up on your beautiful writing and your happenings and then I had to catch my breath. You see, I've been both you in that doctor's office and the mom of that other family. I pray they found a Christmas miracle.