Prom Queen

Spring has sprung here in Northport. It's our first spring in this house and, whoa, it's just been breathtaking.

I didn't get a picture of the front walkway when it was covered in purple hyacinths, but here it is covered in tulips.  It's like the owners of our house had a sort of fireworks ethic with regard to the bulbs --one beautiful image is replaced by another more beautiful.  It's really stunning.

And then there was this beauty.  Doesn't she look like she is waiting to go to the ball?  I think she's beautiful.  In fact, I wrote a haiku about her --not a very GOOD haiku, but I wrote one nevertheless.

My friend Liz is writing a haiku every day as part of National Poetry month.  Go check out her blog for really GOOD haikus.  Also, Tanita is rocking the haikus, too.  Meanwhile, here's my paltry contribution:

Blushing, expectant
Splendid in her finery
Dances in the breeze

It doesn't exactly say what I want, but I'm done with it because I have other, more pressing tasks at hand.


This is the future site of the Cooper Organic Vegetable Garden, Northport Edition. It's just sitting there, like a blank canvas waiting for paint. I could not BE more excited.  I can almost taste the tomatoes!


tanita✿davis said…
Just the teensiest bit envious of your wee garden space!! Good luck with those monster tomatoes you somehow manage to produce.

I liked your haiku (and know what you mean about it not quite doing what you want, but - it worked) And thank you for the mention, though me and Liz in the same sentence is kind of terrifying - she's the poet, she's just dragging me along to make me suffer. ☺
Unknown said…
i'm sure the orange pride is ready to help fertilize it too!
Barb Matijevich said…
Luckily, it has a fence around it! But they've already begun hunting the rodents that might eat any produce. Kitty curfew is in effect!
Lynn said…
We have at least one fat, sassy tomato growing in our garden. Beloved has an amazing green thumb. I am quite content to be the beneficiary thereof.
Anonymous said…
Haiku not quite right
I'm done though, the garden is
calling to me loud.