Meditation and Racing

So, my husband ran a little race yesterday.  I say "little" because it was just a four mile race and he usually runs more than that with the dogs in the mornings. (It's four miles more than I can run so I am not discounting the effort!)

I took the girls to cheer him on.

Coop sees the girls.

A really sweaty hug for Jane and a high five for Katherine.

Katherine says, "Go!"

Coop says, "You could do this with me next year."
I haven't missed a day yet in the 30 Day Meditation Challenge.  (Which I keep typing as the Mediation Challenge. I hope that's not next.) I started out on a true high note on Thursday, September 6th when I stayed after yoga and my instructor Yvonne led me through some breathing exercises (pranayama) and then we silently chanted using the japa mala beads to focus our minds.  Then we meditated for 20 minutes.  It was a transcendent experience, and really made me realize how much I want to make meditation--that kind of meditation--a daily part of my routine.

It was a little disappointing when, the next day, I fell asleep within about two seconds of sitting down and focusing my mind.

On the third day, my husband helped me clear out the room in the pool house to create a dedicated space for meditating. I meditated there using an iPhone app called Simply Being.  (There's a link on the Meditation Resources page.)  Then today, I sat using the app again, but I was less successful because Katherine interrupted me to ask if she could turn the router back on.  (The answer to anything when you interrupt me meditating is NO.)

Edward approves of the new space, though.


Unknown said…
I love that photo of Edward!
Bullwinkle said…
Yay Coop! (Also, yes, Katherine *could* do it next year.)

/sigh Mediation is hard (as in spelling 'meditation', apparently. I wonder if that is Freudian?)

Love the new space and dedication. And Edward.
Lisa said…
The bookshelf is blocking the symmetry! HA!
mamabeth said…
Wouldn't falling asleep during meditation be a GOOD thing? I'd think it would be a sign that your body and mind are totally relaxed. Love the colorful quilt, and Edward is gorgeous!
Kathy Ireland said…
Perfect use for that space! Way to go on the meditation challenge. Wish I was meditating along with you.
Lynn said…
Love the quilt. Did one in Amish brights w/black. Really pops. Totally unsuitable for meditation :)