Stop What You Are Doing. Watch This.

Everyone on this planet should see this. Especially women, those who love women, and those who are raising future women.


Awesome and terrifying and it made me angry and sad and then And I am the mother of boys. I am going to show them this and talk to them about their roles in the world, my role on the world and get some dialogue going. In New Zealand, women are valued but we are greatly affected by American media, so this is pertinent.
thanks, Barb. as always, thought provoking
Shaatzie said…
Barb, this is one of the most serious issues in the world today. I am trying to raise a granddaughter without the support of family members who understand this is not the world we were raised in. The media, religious leaders, those who should care about what we are doing to the future mothers, caregivers, loving human beings are oblivious, or worse yet, major contributors to the problem.
I am sending this on. Thank God you are aware and can protect your daughters—a full time job. Creating a safe environment is going to be the greatest challenge of your life.

I hope your family is strong and fully behind you.
Anonymous said…
What is most interesting is that women are women's worst enemy. Who traditionally attacks powerful women more than other women? We do need to unite and defend each other.
Susan said…
This made me cry. I have been talking about these things for 25 years with my kids and my son is a proud feminist.

But it does seem like it is getting so much worse...especially women attacking other women and high profile young women doing semi-porn stuff for men's magazines. Don't get me started on the 50 Shades crap.