Among Other Blessings

The Dharma Yoga Center, where I did my yoga teacher training, has a blog and I have a post up on it right now! It's an article about yoga and healing.  Go check it out...I'll just be over here, beaming and feeling all of the gratitude in the world.

Then, if you feel like it, come back and tell me your story of healing.  I'm beginning the very slow work of shaping my book about finding healing in today's world.  I'd LOVE to hear yours. (If you'd rather, you can e-mail it to me at If I use your story, I won't use it with your name and details unless you give me permission.

Thank you!


Tenna Draper said…
Just don't let all the stressors going on in your life now affect how you see the world. Keep your head, while everyone around you loses their's.
You have inspired me TODAY to start practicing yoga again. Now where did I put those dvds. Thank you!