Detox Just to Retox*

*Little Fallout Boy reference because I am THAT hip.

I have so much to write about, but this will be a quick post because I'm hoping you'll decide to join me in a 10-Day Detox effort.

WAIT, don't go yet!  Seriously, I think this has the potential to be life changing.

If you've followed my story at all, you'll remember that after my chronic pain years ended, I made a lot of changes in my diet and they had a profound effect on my quality of life. 

Then I watched this, and it was like everything I'd accidentally stumbled on came together.  There is SCIENCE behind it!

So, then we went on vacation for two weeks (more on that in another blog post.) I had some down time on the trip and I read Dr. Mark Hyman's book The Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day Detox Diet. I decided to do the 10-day detox when I get back from vacation to give myself a little jumpstart--I've gotten to be a really lazy vegan and I've gained ten (12) pounds in the last year. Like Dr. Hyman says, "Diet coke and chips are a vegan diet."  I want to get back to smart eating, curbing the cravings for things that my body reacts against, and finding my way back to radiant health. When I was there, I couldn't even believe how great I felt. I want that feeling back!

If you'd like to join me on the detox, I'd LOVE the company. I set up a Facebook group, but I'm planning on documenting what I'm doing on the blog here, too. I think we can all start when we're ready and just post updates.  I'll probably start on Sunday, July 27.

If you decide to join me, you'll need some time to prepare--read the book (it's $15 on the Kindle or maybe you can find it in your library) and then assemble the supplements if you're doing that. (He makes an excellent case for them.) I'm doing a vegan version of the detox, but you should do what feels right to you. 

Let me know if you're in and when you think you can start. I'm pretty excited about this, so in the event that you DON'T want to join me, you might want to block me for the next couple of weeks!



Shaatzie said…
I think i'm a candidate for a detox—as long as it's quick and easy, because I'm helping my granddaughter get through the first few weeks of a newborn's life—have you noticed how newborns control their environment and everyone around them just by playing helpless, smelling good and looking cute?

But that's way off topic. Joan will know what I'm talking about, but I intend to get the book and follow along on another one of your adventures1
Judy Lee said…
I think this is what I've been praying for. I'm in.
Hi Barb. I read this having embarked upon the Hi fat, Low Carb eating plan. This meant cutting out all sugars and grains......and oh my, how much better do I feel 8 weeks later?! Lots! I hope you have a good personal response to cutting down on sugar ( the first weeks are hell) and being vegan, you have a much harder time of it( in my mind) than us carnivores with careful food choices.

Sugar has been such a problem in the life of my family , but we are all so much better at the moment.Even my poor husband has grudgingly agreed that this new way of eating is better for him because he can feel the benefits.
I don't particularly want to live longer, just better. So here are the benefits I have seen to date: no hypoglycaemia(!), clearer skin, I sleep better, Tummy fat weight loss ( oh yeah!) no bloating and great bowel action(sorry, but the truth is no one is happy unless they poop well!) and no wild mood swings associated with sugar.
Be strong! Enjoy the process and the mindfulness of the process.