Happy New Year-Ish

So far, 2015 limped in and then bit me hard in the tush.

So, I am rejecting it. Sorry, New Year 2015, I am OVER you.

Announcing, New Year 2015, Version 2.

On Sunday night, January 11, I'll be celebrating New Year's Eve (Reprise) --although I'll be ringing in the New Year at about 9:00 because it's a school/work night-- and then on Monday, January 12, I'm starting my New Year all over again. 

Basically I'm taking a do over for the start of the New Year. So far, 2015 has been full of "meh. whatever." I don't know if it is because I was so tired from all of the work of the holidays, but I just haven't been motivated or organized or full of my normal joy at a good clean slate. 

I don't do resolutions, but my intentions for the New Year (the Sequel) are: 

  1. Do something that scares me every day
  2. Treat myself like someone I love
  3. Live out loud
  4. Seek joy
I might think of a few more things before Monday morning --and I have some smaller intentions involving my spiritual practice --but I'm looking forward to a good clean slate and starting the New Year rested and resolute.

If your New Year hasn't measured up so far, please join me! Let's do this!


psam ordener said…
Treating yourself like someone you love is the best New Year's Resolution I've heard this year!

Mine is to smile and make eye contact. All the time. Everybody. I'm finding it quite difficult, but the results are rewarding when I manage to make it happen.
Judy Lee said…
I love it ... again. Didn't you do this a few years ago? But later in the year like in March or May or something. I was touched by your brilliance then ... and now. Hugs angel :)
tanita✿davis said…
Was going to wait 'til the Lunar New Year to do my do-over, but what the heck - now sounds good, too. And every day again 'til I get it right...