Ack! Correction!

The sock yarn I raved about in my last post was linked incorrectly. Here's the true link: Knitpaint sock yarn I am using the 70522 and it looks like she's sold out of it.

Here's the sock --it's almost finished and I am already salivating to knit the second one. You know, I may not even give THIS pair away...

Look at this COLOR! It's like knitting with jewels.

Plus, I never thought I'd ever say this, but I can't wait to hand (!) wash this yarn/sock and see what happens.

I'm really sorry if I sent anyone off on a wild goose chase. Here's a gratuitous picture of Thomas (thebigfatcat) to make up for it. Thomas can be seen here continuing his quest for the 24-hour nap.


N. Maria said…
Pat has the most wonderful yarns. I have yet to push a toe through my 3 year old socks that I wear all the time.
Her colors are to 'dye' for. ;)
N. Maria said…
PS ~ I love the picture of Thomas and am so glad he is back home.
I think Thomas (thebigfatcat) is pretty close to his goal...

Pretty yarn!!!