What Wednesday Morning Brought

This is not exactly what I was hoping for when our spastic cow-dog Scout fetched the paper this morning. Scout is suffering from Lack of Running because my husband has been traveling and I haven't figured out how to make him get on the freaking treadmill and run off all that excess energy so that he'll deliver my newspaper in one piece.

This is not what I was expecting when I packed Ana's snack this morning. It was the last little bag of pretzels in the box and when I took the box out to recycle, I found this in the bottom of it:
Oh, look! A recipe for FAKE SNOT! File that under Things That Make Parents Scratch Their Heads. Because, dudes, have these people ever been NEAR a school? If they had, they would know that manufacturing FAKE snot is really not necessary.

But also? Cross-file that under Stupid Marketing Ideas. Because who wants to think about snot when eating pretzels? I'm totally horrified. (Y'all know how I have issues with that word anyway.)

My equilibrium was restored when the morning included THIS, though: After I had braided her hair, I said, "Oh, Jane, you just look ADORABLE."

And she said, very calmly, "I think so, too."
What's not to adore?


Anonymous said…
OMG, Jane looks exactly like your hubby!!!! It was great talking to u this morning.

miss u, love lin
Stefanie said…
She is adorable! As far as fake snot, what is better than playing with fake snot when you're little? It's like that puddy stuff that you get to make in science class... it's totally gross, and that's what is so fantastic!
Becca said…
she looks so mature ands sensible. "of course I am adorable, who would expect otherwise???"
Mokihana said…
I absolutely LOVE your girls' self-confidence. If I had even a smidgen of what they have, I might be okay.

Will you be my mommy?
kim said…
She is really beautiful. And, I think, she has the perfect attitude for a Dove commercial!

What's wrong with fake snot? It's certainly better than the real thing!
Ream O Rama said…
Hmmm, fake snot kinda reminds me of the SNL sketch "Bag O' Glass"
Ann in NJ said…
Love Love LOVE little girls in braided pigtails. It's the only thing I miss since my daughter cut her hair (Locks of Love).

You need one of those tennis ball flinging things for Scout. Keeps you from having to pick up the ball and lets you throw it farther. Does he have enough brain cells to know how to fetch?
Miriam said…
Perfectly adorable. And the self-confidence makes her more so.

That fake snot? They were giving it away as INCENTIVE for good behavior at Madeleine's school last year. People wonder why we homeschool.

You know what else is fun and funny and adorable today? Your post.
Susan said…
I'm thinking that, if I'm right in seeing the picture on the front of the paper as John McCain, maybe Scout was making a political statement. BTW I'm Canadian so Scout can campaign for either party and the outcome only affects me peripherally.