Just Checking

Everyone keeps telling me that it's going to happen but well, this whole snow thing? Still hasn't gotten old to me.

Also among things that haven't gotten old is Scout fetching the paper:

Although I will tell y'all that last night I almost put an end to Scout fetching anything for us ever again. I had closed up the downstairs and turned out all the lights. I walked upstairs and just happened to inquire casually of my husband, "Do you think Scout needs to go out one more time?"

Coop looked at me. "He WAS outside. Did you not let him back in?"


Well, um.


(And people wonder why we don't have more children.)

The thing about Scout is that he won't ever bark to be let back IN. So if I hadn't thought to inquire, we'd have come down this morning to a World Without Scout. Because he has the survival skills of, um, spaghetti.

And, well, as much as I complain about him, I do love that silly, helpless, spastic dog.


Mrs.Q said…
But - would spaghetti fetch your newspaper?
That is so neat that your dog will run down your drive and get the paper for you!!!
Keetha said…
Yea snow! We haven't seen any yet this year.
Miriam said…
I get in trouble at least once a week for forgetting the dog outside. It's a good thing it's not as wintry here as there. I always tell my husband I have enough to keep track of without remembering which animals are in and which are out...
Becca said…
this has happened many times to me, and i open the door to find a shivering golden retreiver on the steps...I suck as a dog mom
Linda said…
Lucy can actually open the back door herself, but then doesn't seem to have figured out that she can then walk in, so she just stands there, door ajar. Big heart, little brain that dog!

Your snow is beautiful!!
kim said…
Oh, my gosh! He is so sweet. And undoubtedly cold. Brrrr.....
Cute dog! I'm thinking SPRING.

Lovely pictures and post! Though if the snow lets up a little before I have to test my ability to drive in it this weekend, that'd be cool, too.
Ei said…
There's the dog I lub. Spazes (LOL) need to stick together.