Some months ago, a wonderful blogger named Stephanie Nielson was very badly injured, along with her husband, in an airplane crash. Sue, of Navel Gazing At Its Finest, took submissions from other bloggers in order to create a collection of funny blog posts for sale, with the entire proceeds going to the recovery fund for Stephanie and her family.

I submitted a post because I wanted to do something to help.

It took Sue a while to get through the BAJILLION e-mailed submissions and honestly, I sort of just assumed that I hadn't made the cut. I mean, it always shocks me that people think I'm a humor writer anyway when there are so many people out there who are a LOT funnier. (Also, better drivers and not so spastic on a daily basis. I know, I know. Y'all just hush.)

So, earlier today, I got an e-mail from Sue and you won't believe it:


It's called "Something Cleverish." I immediately bought several copies--shopping for a good cause is my favorite thing!! -- and started reading and it was just as I suspected: there are a lot of funnier writers out there. I'm so honored to be sharing their space. The book is hilarious.

Please go here to order a paperback or download a copy of the book. And if you want to turn right to page 58, there I am in all my spastic, bad driving glory. I, Barb Cooper, in the company of all of these fabulous bloggers!

Y'ALL, can you feel the rays from this smile? Oh my gosh! This whole being published thing -- Never. Gets. Old. And getting published for a good cause? Best feeling EVER.


Sue said…
OK, now I feel bad, because I thought you must've seen the list of who was in the book back in DECEMBER. Which included YOU. Because you're FUNNY. (I'm giving my caps key a workout today.)

Now see, that's what you get for not reading my blog every second of the day. LEARN YOUR LESSON.

And thanks for saying such nice things about the book. Love ya.
What a great idea. Sounds like a good book. Congrats on making the cut.
MadMad said…
YAY! Congrats! That is wonderful!
Ream O Rama said…
Oh the cleverness of you! Congratulations, but I can't say I'm all that surprised.

One more things to celebrate as Nie returns to her blog tomorrow...
Ann in NJ said…
Congratulations! That's so cool. Can't wait to read the book.
Hannah said…
Small world, I love NieNie too and have been following her recovery. Congratulations on the book!!!!
Miriam said…
Congratulations! Of COURSE you're funny! The only time I remember to move my coffee cup out of knock-over range is when I open your blog. That was badly said but earnestly meant.

NieNie's recovery is a great cause and I can't wait to go order the book and read all the funnies.

Congrats again!
Stefanie said…
Congrats, Barb! You underestimate exactly how wonderful and funny you are. We all know it! And we all love you. :)
Cara said…
I ordered a copy today and can't wait to read it (especially your page!). -Cara
kim said…
That is SO awesome! Congratulations!!!!
Mary Ellen said…
I'm not surprised at all that you were included. I love your blog, and you totally belong there.

I can't wait to get a copy and read it. Cleverish stuff is my favorite!