Happy Anniversary to ME

So, today is an auspicious occasion: it was exactly six months ago that my husband and I loaded up our pets and got on an airplane and moved to Long Island.

It's a good thing nothing much has happened since then.

(BWAHAHAHAHA---I slay myself. Snort.)

Okay, then, in addition to our six month anniversary (and yes, Sydney is still going strong--how about that?) our house in Austin went under contract yesterday. We took it on the chin but you know, now that we've gotten our house off the market, I'm sure the worst housing crisis in our nation's history will miraculously be resolved. Glad to oblige.

I was all mopey yesterday while Coop handled all of the business part of things. (I seriously cannot be trusted. It's not supposed to be personal, right? Tell that to my heart. I want to fly back to Austin and barricade the door.) We close at the end of October, at which point we might be able to actually feel like we live HERE. We're not just staying here on a some sort of field study about the driving habits of New Yorkers. We ARE New Yorkers now. (Hope y'all have battaned down the hatches.)

In the midst of my general melancholy this week, a package arrived addressed to Coop. I assumed it was some bike stuff and put it aside because we had a ton of guests this week (we do a lot of entertaining of his collegues from out of town, in case you were thinking we run a sort of restuarant/hotel out of here) and then I had kids home faking illnesses and whatnot. So then he found it and opened it and it turns out that Lin and her family had sent us a set of THESE.
Remember how I was bummed because I had bought pint glasses and the ones I bought didn't actually hold a pint? Lin and her husband decided that could NOT STAND. Look how big these are!! Is that hilarious or what? Thank you, Lin and Joe, for taking such good care of Coop's beer drinking needs. If I ever grow up to acquire a taste for beer, I'm sure it will be because of those cool glasses.

And because this blog post swings between joy, laughter and heartbreak, I'd just like to send a big hug and a prayer to all of my friends in Texas who are feeling the Wrath of Ike. I hope you all are reading this from higher ground where you and your loved ones are warm and dry.

Also? A little prayer that no huge tree falls on our house there.


That would just figure if it did, though, wouldn't it?

Larry has those glasses - he calls them Pilsner glasses.
Damsel said…
Yeah, all week they've been predicting flooding in Austin and surrounding areas today (Saturday), and we've had NOT A SINGLE DROP. We so desperately need it, too. :(
Michelle said…
Hey--Happy Anniversary, I can't believe it's been 6 months, but I'm glad I've found your blogspot. I love your assessment of New Yorkers--I think it is spot-on. I hate 5th grade. I love your photography--you are getting so good! I am taking 2 classes at ACC, maybe I can be trained to be as good as you are naturally. Love & Miss you! Michelle M.
DK said…

Way to get a contract! And in less than three years! I'm jealous. If it helps to know, I took a hit on the house in NH that should've made me want to slice my wrists open were I not so damn glad to get rid of the liability and the mortgage payments.

Holy cowdog, I can't believe it's been six months you've been up in Lawng Guy Land...

Technically, I think those are pilsners, not pint glasses, but who cares, because they hold a full pint of beer and they so totally rock!! That was so nice of Lin and Mr. Lin!! Plus, you know, presents are awesome on their own....
TheOneTrueSue said…
Happy bittersweet Anniversary Barb. I hope your house is unscathed.
Kris said…
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Miri said…
Barb, I'm late reading you today. Happy contract, happy anniversary, happy pilsner glasses!

How could I have missed all of this? Um, well, because I decided to buy tomatoes to can. And I confess to this on *your* blog because you are Farmer Barb and I am left with a quarter acre or so of green tomatoes and chilly fall nights already.

It may be divine retribution for my blatant attempt to get Sue to think I'm funny. We know I'm not. I'm wordy though.

Hope you and yours come through the storm okay.
Lynn said…
Happy 6 month anniversary!!! And while you aren't making the money you hoped on teh house, be happy its SELLING!!! My sister had to wait 2 years to sell hers and she sold it for almost half of what she originally listed it for.
The glasses look beautiful. But beer aside (however important), CONGRATULATIONS on selling your house! I'm sure you feel like 40% of your lung capacity has just been restored and now you can draw a proper breath.
LaDonna said…
Oh, it's time to do the HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY dance!!! :) (If you need a refresher, just find an old re-run of Ren and Stimpy!)

Congratulations on the contract on your house! I'm sure it's all bittersweet, but a huge amount of pressure of the Cooper shoulders.

And holy cow! Has it really been 6 months already???