Puppy Madness

I can't figure out how to embed my newest puppy slide show into my blog. YouTube seems to have...done something? Evolved? Responded to numerous lawsuits against it? And I can't find the part where it says, "EMBED."

Anyway, the newest slide show can be had by clicking on its name: An Old Game. Naturally, YouTube managed to delete my soundtrack since I'm not licensed to play a thirty-second snippet of a twenty-year-old Shawn Colvin song. (Not that I'm bitter.) (The music WAS "Climb On (A Back That's Strong.)" Because I must have my own little jokes.) It's just a bunch of pictures of our older dog, Scout, playing with our puppy, Austin. And yes, for those of you keeping score of the mental health of our family, the puppy IS orally fixated. He always has something in his mouth and frequently three toys at once.

We think this is hilarious. (For now, anyway, until he eats the couch. He's not even eight months old yet...look at the size of him!)

Oh, no, wait. I just found the video for embedding. Still no soundtrack, though.

Carry on.


Bullwinkle said…
Yay! I love to watch dogs playing!
Ei said…
Aww...Scout is the old guy now! Sniff. I remember when he was newish too. Sigh. Love your pets.
You know what a big fan of Puppy I am. Don't ever let me dog-sit because the dog you will get back will be one who thinks: "Yes, I'm a big lapdog. Deal with it".
Unknown said…
PUPPY! thank you! (take a look at my blog to see what my puppy hath wrought...)