Almost Certainly Excessive

Well, we had good intentions.

We resolved not to plant quite so many plants this year.  Not QUITE so many cucumbers.

But then the Spring sort of...SPRUNG and the next thing you know, we were lining up to buy plants.
I like the really tall flower in the back.  Very rare and expensive species, though.
We just couldn't help ourselves.

(Truthfully, we didn't try that hard.)

In the end, we had so many plants that I filled in almost every container we had after we filled up the raised planting beds.

It was almost certainly totally excessive.

We're okay with that.


joannamauselina said…
Just as there is no such thing as too much garlic in your soup, there is no such thing as too many flowers.
Miri said…
I got a little shiver of joy looking at your garden. Hurray for excess!
Barb Matijevich said…
I wonder if those of us who are gardeners look at these little seedlings and instinctively see them two months down the road. I bet everyone else is looking at those tiny plants and thinking, "Well...huh. Not sure I get all the excitement."
The Dister said…
Jealous! I was just telling Jessie, over the lovely salad she made me that if we grew our own tomatoes and cucumbers, that we could have fresh salad every night! Maybe will the sun will be shining this Sunday and that will be my mother's day gift to myself.
ToyLady said…
I'm planning to start buying some plants this weekend - yay yay yay!

(And yeah, it's probably a good idea to lay off the cukes a little this year, huh?)
Mokihana said…
Excessive? Are you kidding me? As one gardener to another, I'd say you're not even there yet!
Bullwinkle said…
No. Excessive is looking at your post, noting that I am further south than you and scrambling to catch up.

What with planing the 40 feet of blueberry bushes, amending the asparagus (again), getting raised bed #1 planted (that would be: tomatos); and adding on the "oooooh oooh Look Dude! Barb planted her flowers!!!" -- neither of us can move today. Good thing we really have desk jobs ;)

p.s. Thanks for the kick in the seat of the pants. However, if you could refrain while we recover, I'd be ever-so grateful.
Susan said…
I do admire the Fort Knox like security system you have going there, too!