Checking In

Due to an inordinate amount of stupidity in my life at the moment (not all of it on my part), I have temporarily lost my sense of humor.

I think I feel it coming back, which why I think this is only temporary.

Anyway, I have many posts in the works, including imaginary conversations between my "anonymous" neighbors and me, and the Texas School Board discussing things amongst itself (because, really, what the heck were they thinking??)

Meanwhile, please, enjoy this video of Edward's feet twitching as he dreams. Because, honestly? I didn't know cats HAD dreams and also? What is better in life than Edward's toes?


Tonya said…
This is a familiar sight at my home. My cat also adds whisker and lip twitches when he dreams.
Dawn said…
Nothing better than cat toes, pink ones, black ones, whatever...They are adorable-:)