This is NOT a Pumpkin

Okay, okay, I know it's been forever since I've written.  We're having a very busy summer and it's hard to find computer time.  I have a long post in the works about this summer and the happy things we've done and the people we've seen and the blanket I am knitting. (Because doesn't everyone knit a blanket in the summer?)

But before all of that, I have to show you this:
For those of you keeping score at home, this is NOT a pumpkin.  It's funny but when I first learned about Beefsteak Tomatoes, I didn't think they were called that because they were the size of COWS. Silly me.

Also, just for fun, here is the face of summer:
Gosh, I love that face.


Bullwinkle said…
Yay! (I was just about to write you a note and make sure you were o.k. /whew!)

Excellent - summer is for taking a break and enjoying your children (and dogs and garden). Enjoy away!

Love the picture of Jane. (Apparently, it was blue day. I did not get the memo.)
Mokihana said…
I have missed your posts! And that tomato is ginormous. But oh, that face, that face!! She takes the prize!
kim said…
Hi, you! And such a cute, little face it is. Can't wait to see the blanket progress and all that garter stitch madness. Hope you're having a great Summer.
ccr in MA said…
That is such a great photo! I love how she has one blue "eye" and one green.
ToyLady said…
Tomato - beautiful!
Daughter - even beautifuller!

And about the blanket - I hand quilted a quilt one summer during Little League season. I was the lady in the stands with the blanket in July, so. . . yeah.
Rhonda from Baddeck said…
Put me on the list of crazy summer blanket-knitting people. My Log Cabin blanket is currently 5x5' and each strip is taking about one skein of Briggs & Little yarn. Planned to be 8x8', the math says I'm not even half done - ack.
Susan said…
Nice to see you are enjoying the summer - and, yes, that IS the face of summer!
Anonymous said…
Barb, your tomatos and cucumbers are AMAZING!!! When I eat them I feel like it's something special and I take my time to enjoy them. My son Lukas loves them too, he goes like....hmmm, hmmm.... well what can I tell you they are just soo good! Thanks again.