This is just amazing.


Isn't it spectacular??

It really IS a miracle when you consider that it spent six months in my basement, deprived of food and water and with only a tiny bit of sunlight.  I guess it was safe from freezes and parasites, but otherwise, it had to wait for the Spring to overcome its winter of deprivation.

And there it is, now, blazing forth in its loveliness.  Not eaten up with bitterness at having been starved and neglected. Not keeping its fantastic blooms a secret out of spite. Just standing there in all its magnificence. Glorious and gorgeous for all of us to see and admire.

Rising up out of the dirt stronger than ever.

I want so much to be from the Amaryllis family.

Arbitrary New Year Update: I'm on Day 3 of giving up refined sugar.  I have stopped wanting to kill people, which is a good thing.  Even though I almost cried when I realized the dried cranberries I was eating weren't sweetened with fruit juice.  So this is either the third day or the first day again.  AGAIN.  I don't care, I'm feeling better.

The book is coming along--I am still struggling to find my rhythm but thanks to my friend R, who has listened to me whine on and on, I have an approach. It's called: Just Telling My Story.  (Radical, I know.)

Also, if you haven't joined me in writing down your resolutions, you can do so in the comments of that post (click on the blue words to be taken there to comment) until Wednesday-ish of next week and be entered for a chance to give an entire vegetable garden to an impoverished family in a third-world country. Maybe an amaryllis will be included, just for encouragement.


joannamauselina said…
I love an amaryllis. When I was young, we called them "naked ladies." Ours were pink. Maybe only the pink ones are naked ladies. That name would be more apt for the pink ones than for yours. They really are an annual miracle.
Susan said…
That's a lovely amaryllis. I had one in my classroom. Her name was Phyllis. Bulb flowers always seem like miracles to me. Heck, all flowers seem like miracles.
Don't censor yourself when writing your story - whatever you put down is valid and worthwhile. The editing comes later. :-) I'm going to plant Persian Pickles (cucumbers) this weekend - only 10 seeds in the packet, but I hope they give me enough for a few batches of B&B pickles (if the resident groundhog doesn't get them again).
MamaBeth (Becky) from Shreveport said…
Barb - lovely flowers! I've always liked "armadillos" -that's a small joke that started when a not-too-bright co-worker mispronounced
"amaryllis" (and had no idea she had said it wrong). I figured the Texas part of you would appreciate the humor. Hugs!
Mrs. G. said…
Amaryllis are a spectacular flower. Their size alone is magnificent.

Glad to hear the book is grooving along. When I need inspiration--I can't remember if I mentioned this in NYC--I reread on of my favorite writing books called "Making a Literary Life by Carolyn See.

I'm also sorry your are dealing with pain--it's exhausting.