Quick Reminder

Today is a really busy day for me, including needing to be two places at once between 7:00 and 8:00 tonight, but I wanted to send a final reminder about the giveaway, which closes tonight, no matter if I manage to clone myself or not. (I just almost typed "CLOTHE myself."  Yeah, it's that kind of day.  I just spent valuable time out of my day (that I will never get back) trying to find two pounds of tiny new potatoes that escaped when my grocery bag fell over in my car. If you've never driven down a hill with masses of tiny potatoes rolling at you from under the seats of your car, you're really not missing that much.)

Anyway, Happy Arbitrary New Year:  You have until midnight tonight to enter for a chance to give an entire vegetable garden to an impoverished family in a third-world country. Just leave a comment under that post (click on the blue (or red?) words and it should take you right to it).  Participation has been sparse, so your chances are good.  (I know, I know, it's not as much fun to give a virtual garden away as it would be to, say, have a chance at winning a car or a trip or something, but the KARMIC payoff is MUCH LARGER.

Good luck and may all of your potatoes stay firmly put. I'll let you know how the cloning/clothing thing goes.


Robin said…
A virtual garden sounds lovely. Someone else can do the weeding.