Settling In

There are still a lot of boxes hanging around from our move, but they are gradually decreasing in number. Today I hung a bunch of pictures, which made me feel really at home. I mean, I may be stepping over boxes, but at least there's something on the walls, dang it!

Some pictures of our pictures:

Living room. (Yes, that picture was hanging somewhere else initially.)

Sun nook(?)  (I don't know what to call this cool space.)

Dining area. (There is a formal dining room, but it currently has Jane's drum set and our piano in it.)

Bar area in kitchen.
Hallway to kitchen: home to my beloved Kandinsky print.
New home of the gorgeous antique German wall clock that my Father-in-Law gave us.

Guest bathroom
I was just reveling in how at home I was feeling when there was a knock at the door and these were delivered:
They were from our new landlords, along with a note welcoming us and hoping that we were settling in.

It's been about 20 years since I last rented a house, but I don't remember this being standard operating procedure back then.  How lucky did we get to find not only the perfect house but these lovely and gracious people to work with?

You know how sometimes you get these moments filled with near-painful happiness and hope for the future?  It's like that.

(Also, I swear to patch every last one of the holes made by those pictures.)


Mrs. G. said…
Your new place is gorgeous! I hope you and your family are enormously happy and healthy there!
tanita✿davis said…
How much do I love the phone in the guest bathroom??? Those always make you feel like you're truly vacationing, when you find them in hotels. One never uses them, but the idea that you COULD is just so amusing...

Things look lovely!
Barb Matijevich said…
There are telephones all over this house and in the cabana! It has the most complicated phone system I've ever seen, too--tied in with an intercom and the doorbell, etc. It totally reminds me of that Woody Allen film...shoot, can't think of which one it is, with the character who is always on the phone, giving out numbers where he can be reached. Is it Play It Again Sam?
smalltownme said…
It's a beautiful home.
Sarah said…
Where is the Two Cats picture?
Your rental house is nicer than most people's bought-house. Your beloved print looks a lot like the rug in your living room!
Glad you found someplace wonderful and got out of that area that you disliked so much.
Ellen said…
I'm guessing that the owners are equally happy to have found you to take care of their home. I'm sure it is very difficult to entrust that house to others. Enjoy a reprieve from home ownership and a chance to survey your options in what looks like a beautiful environment - it looks like you didn't give up many amenities!!!
Kathy Ireland said…
Are those corks in the jar in the living room? I have about 6,500,345,703 corks in my house. I was thinking about using them to reshingle the house but maybe a gigantic jar....
Bullwinkle said…
No, Kathy, that is actually a giant cat toy dispenser in the living room.

Looks gorgeous ;) You are more moved in that I, after 3 years. ahem

It's good to see you settling and I hope this works for you and the family.
Susan said…
We have lovely and appreciative landlords, too, It does make a difference as a renter when it is a cooperative effort to maintain the home. and it looks like a very nice one!