Another Missed Pun Opportunity

Really, people, I seem to be slipping. First, I missed the chance to entitle my last blog post "Socks and Violins," for which I am still mourning.

And then, last night, I threw a little party. On the eve of the Super Bowl, I threw a Soup Night, and I never even made the connection until people were standing in my kitchen, eating soup and talking about the game and I thought, "Souper Bowl! ARGHHHH!"  And my brain froze and I contemplated doing something wild and radical, like never buying yarn again, until I get my Pun Mojo back.

I did realize that only *I* can throw a dinner party and make people READ their way through it. (As always, you can click to embiggen.) (In case you're low on reading material.)

Actually, it was SHRIMP Etouffee because I couldn't find crawfish here.  I had to go back and edit the sign later.  (Of COURSE, I did.)

Ana said, "Why are you making so MANY cookies?"  And I said, "Because my philosophy about parties is that you can never have too much.  Well, actually, it's less of a PHILOSOPHY and more of a PSYCHOSIS."
 A SOUPER time was had by all.  (Yeah, I know: too little, too late.)


Sheila said…
Souper Bowl *snickering*. I missed it until you pointed it out. My pun mojo is sadly lacking today.

I totally want to knit these socks someday:

I like the Roman De La Rose version, although the Paatsama socks are a near second.

Except I, too, know that Second Sock syndrome waits on the threshold of Project hell. It was bad enough finishing a second fingerless glove. So perhaps they will linger on the list of things worth aspiring to.

But aren't they pretty?
Murr Brewster said…
Aww. Don't stew about it.
Barb Matijevich said…
I KNEW you guys would come through! Don't stew about it... heehee.
Susan said…
I did soup for a Super Bowl party and caught nothing but flak for it! Totally agree with your never can have too much food for a party philosophy.
The Dister said…
You are a souper fun person, you know that?? I just love you! What a great idea.
Anonymous said…
are those cookies vegan vegetarian or just vegetarian? but aren't all cookies vegetraian? even mincemeat pie is usually vegetarian these decades.

'cuz, you know, I just can't tell from the sign.
Barb Matijevich said…

Enough butter and eggs in those cookies to make them potentially LETHAL. I did have a big bowl of nice Vegan fruit next to them, in hopes that its karma would negate some of the buttery death next to it...

I really made the sign to point out the TYPES of cookies and also, to let my Vegan friends know that there was nothing for them on that plate. I think all cookies ARE, at least, vegetarian. (Picturing a cookie made of meat or chicken and...well, you know, that's kind of a disgusting visual.)