30 Day Meditation Challenge

So, the thing is...I'm really terrible at meditating.

REALLY terrible.  I actually wrote about how terrible I am at meditation back in 2007, and nothing much has changed.

Only, I have this very strong sense that I'm SUPPOSED to be meditating--that's its a key part of achieving the kind of inner calm I want.  That's it's vital if I'm ever to achieve this different way of being that I'm looking for.

So, starting today, the first day of school in my neck of the woods, I'm committing to 30 days of daily attempts at meditation.  Even if it's only five minutes, I am going to sit and clear my mind and just see what happens.

If you'd like to join me, I'd love the company!  I have a new Facebook Page for the 30 Day Meditation Challenge, or we can just hang out here in the comments.  Today, I'm going to stay after yoga and meditate with my instructor who knows a LOT more than I do about this meditation business.  I'll let you know how it goes!

Sixth and Ninth grades--it hardly seems possible!


CindyPsych said…
Why is the idea of just sitting still and quiet for 5 minutes so terrifying?
Karen said…
I had a breakthrough in meditation this summer, I always felt like a failure because I couldn't concentrate on clearing my mind, I was distracted with my thoughts and all the sounds going on around me.
I read an article in the current 'Neurology Now' magazine and what I drew from that is I don't need to worry about correctly meditating, I can just be quiet and listen to the world, what I want to put to rest in that time is my busy thoughts.
Now that I don't have to worry about being completely thought free and ignoring the sounds of the world, it is much easier for me. I sit and listen to the sounds inside my home, the sounds of nature outside or even the busy clatter in a restaurant. Letting go of my thoughts and tuning in to the sounds around me is the type of meditation that works very well for me.
You can also use this method while exercising. For instance when walking on a treadmill, concentrate on tie rhythm of your steps...left, right, left, right. If you start to think of anything else, let it go and go back to the rhythm of your steps. No 'ohmmmm' necessary!
earthpilgrim said…
Hi- I have also struggled with meditating and found a really good website that helps you with it. they actually have a 10 day free meditation- try it- it's called myheadspace.com He talks you through it and bring you back right at the time when your mind starts to wander....
tanita✿davis said…
I am horrible at meditation. Just HORRIBLE. I cannot quiet my mind to save my soul - and apparently it just might. Am thinking this month of trying floatation therapy, where you lie in a zero-gravity tank of Epsom salts and water and close the lid. In a dark hole, I should be able to shut myself up.

Or, so one would think.

Meanwhile, your girls look ready to roll! Love those bare legs and tennis shoes. Katherine (are nicknames like Kat allowable?) looks fab with that dark hair.
smalltownme said…
So I just have to sit and not think for 5 minutes? I could try that!
michiganme said…
Your daughters remind me of the Obama daughters at convention. Beautiful!
Bullwinkle said…
Mostly, the comments make me wonder what we're talking about.
I believe there are many forms of meditating - just like there are of diets or working out or making a living. You just need to find what works for you. There are no 'right' answers and the 'answers' may change over time. (Also - I believe I should apply some of this wisdom to my own life and head. Anyway ...)

Be gentle with yourself. It's all a "practice" - a learning process.