Quick Note and Happy Mother's Day

This week I am finishing up the requirements for my graduation from the Life of a Yogi teacher training offered by the Dharma Yoga Center in New York City.  I'm writing papers and teaching classes and taking classes and trying to assemble all of the paperwork necessary in order to hand it in by May 20th.  Graduation is June 2.  I would really like to be able to attend because we're moving.

(Did I mention we're moving? Did I mention we still haven't found a house?  Did I mention that THIS house has already been rented? Oh, I'm sorry, did I scream out loud?)

Anyway, I have so much to tell you about--I have a list as long as my arm --but I need these five days to get my act together so that I can become certified and be a real yoga teacher.  I'll be back in five (ish) days to tell you all about stuff.

Meanwhile, here's a stunningly beautiful video of a mother practicing yoga.  I love everything about this video.  For me, it's a very tangible reminder of how yoga IS life.  See how serene she is, how loving to her kids as they wander in and out of her practice.  How graceful and strong she is. And how her practice continues, exuding love and calm and focus in the midst of life itself.


Judy said…
This video brings tears to my eyes. So that's what it looks like to honor yourself and your family... Wow! Beautiful! Amazing!
Shaatzie said…
I have watched your transformation and it is inspiring!

the video of the mother and children is so incredible. I can feel the energy between them and know they are future yogis.

I'm having health problems and this reminds me there are many cures and few of them come from medication. I will take this as a sign to renew my spiritual life and get in cooperation with my body.

You are the medicine I need today and with heartfelt thanks, I honor your progress and know you have found your path.

Blessing to you and your family.

I'm a friend of a dear friend and she is my connection to you,
smalltownme said…
That mother is beautiful (I love how calm she is when the toddler crawls on her butt!) and so are you.
Dear Barb

I am so grateful to you . You seem to offer me just the right thing when I seem to need it. Thanks for making the connections and helping me connect the dots in my life with peace, happiness and letting the small voice be heard.
I love this video!!!! Thank you so much for sharing it. It was exactly what I needed to see today. Congratulations to you on your big achievement! Nicely done!!!