Gratitude and Daryl Hall

Back in the 80's, I went through a huge Hall & Oates phase. The guy I was dating had all of their records and I just loved them.

Until, that is, the 1985 Rolling Stone interview with Daryl Hall that revealed him to be a narcissistic arse-hat.

I stopped listening.

Just like that, my one-woman boycott of Hall & Oates was ON, y'all.

Until recently, when I was reminded of a song and ended up buying an entire Hall & Oates retrospective.  I mean, it's been 28 years.  (Lordy, I can hold a grudge.)

Their music hasn't really stood the test of time, for the most part. Bad 80's synthesizers and production, and some schlocky, cliched writing makes much of it unlistenable for me.

Except for this song, which is authentic and from the heart and still (I think) the best version of it going.

I've been driving along, happily belting this song out into the Universe.

This little shift in perspective started me thinking about aging and the passing of time.  It made me really grateful for the wisdom that comes with age.  The kind of wisdom that softens the hard edges and opens the heart to compassion. The wisdom that creeps in, questioning the hard and fast damning judgment of a person's character based on an article in a magazine.  The wisdom that says people learn and grow and change, just as *I* have. The wisdom that reminds me that people make mistakes, and those mistakes shouldn't define us. The wisdom that looks for reasons to keep people in my life, rather than looking for reasons to push people away.

So, yeah, Daryl, we're good now.

(Seriously, though, lay off with the comparing yourself to the Beatles. Just... Just don't go there.)


Candy said…
Ya know... I'm one of the few people that have loved my 30s. I hear people groan about it, but really I think my 30s is where I finally feel at peace with who I am and want to be. I look forward to whatever my 40s bring!
Lisa said…
Have you watched "Daryl's House" on IFC-an amazing show with cooking and music.
Shaatie said…
Interesting how music can hold memories that nothing else does so well, except for certain odors—perfumes and all.

Interesting experience
Barb Matijevich said…
A friend just sent me a link to it! It looks great.
tanita✿davis said…
HAHAHAHA! Hall & Oates.
Those were the days, man.
I love that you hold a grudge that long, against people you don't even know. That shows CHARACTER, man. ☺