Gratitude and Sourdough

We synchronized our watches.

We arranged our schedules, double-checked the details and then dialed in the plan.

I was to meet her after teaching my morning class.  She was coming from another appointment.

I managed to move my class up 15 minutes so we arrived at the meeting place at the same time. She recognized me.

She looked around carefully and then handed me the item in a brown paper bag.

Yes, it's exactly what you're thinking: A sourdough starter from the 1700's. (Seriously.  How cool is that?)

Well, WHAT?  What were YOU thinking?

Long time reader and Facebook friend, Stacy offered up some of her legendary sourdough starter and I jumped at the chance.  It's kind of like having another pet, but this one you only feed once per week and you keep it in the refrigerator. (IT doesn't stand and yowl at the back door all freaking, freaking day without cease until you're ready to go smack OUT OF YOUR MIND, not that I'm bitter, THOMAS.) I'm stoked to try making English muffins and bread with it, and if that doesn't happen, I'm going to give it to my mother, who has been on the quest for a sourdough starter for as long as I've known her.

Anyway, I got to meet someone I really connect with online IN REAL LIFE.  And we ended up sitting and talking for, like, more than two hours without even noticing how fast the time went.  (I know you're concerned, but the starter was fine.  I was late to everything for the rest of my day, but it was totally worth it. All good here.)
Yes, that's what I look like after yoga.  And BEFORE yoga.  Pretty much all the time, actually.  WHAT? (Also?  I have no idea why it looks like I only have three fingers.  I just counted--there are four and a thumb on each hand.)
So then, despite the fact that it was a drizzly grey day, as I was driving around, I got that...kind of expansive feeling I get when I'm feeling all blessed and happy.  You know that feeling? And I realized that I'm starting to meet my people --people who totally understand the need to adjust the yoga schedule so I can adopt some sourdough, and people who turn out to be EXACTLY AS YOU HOPED THEY WOULD.

Good day today.


Ei said…
I snorted about your three fingers. You're practically a Simpson. :P
Tenna Draper said…
I'm so happy that you're blogging again! It's been so long!So happy to see you looking and feeling so wonderful. Take a stride down main street and sing and swing your arms really high. You are back home and comfortable again!
smalltownme said…
You look HAPPY, that's what you look like. Happy and beautiful.
tanita✿davis said…
Love that cardi.
Kinda wishing for some bread right now... hot, freshly baked sourdough... Hm....

I hope your bread also turns out to be as amazing as you thought it would. I love that you can say that about a person.