And the Universe Weighs In

There are a lot of stressful things happening around me right now. Nothing I can say too much about --they are private stories and not mine to share. But they affect me nonetheless; some of them deeply.  I am trying to be a lighthouse in the midst of all of these storms. Steadfast and constant and a little beacon of positive energy.

It's hard. I am not always successful.

Yesterday, I went to do my yoga practice and realized, as I stepped on the mat, that I was just awash in anxiety. I said the Mantra for Purification about five times before I felt steady enough to begin. And then, as I began to move, my mind settled into acceptance that most of the things I am worried about are completely out of my control. They will resolve, or not, exactly according to some plan that I know nothing about. I just have to stay the course: walking my walk and breathing through the hard places.

Right about that time, I noticed something on the floor in front of me. It was a strand of my hair, curled in the shape of a heart.

Oh, Universe, you're GOOOODDD.
It's kind of hard to see.  You have to be looking for it. :)

(Please keep my people and me in your thoughts. This world is not for sissies.)


Tiny Tyrant said…
No its not for sissies. Hugs to your and yours. The Squeaks are sending healing purrs.
Unknown said…
and as I keep reminding myself, worry does not make it better, just makes it harder to handle
Ei said…
I said "It's not my story, but it sure does affect me." about an hour ago to a friend with whom I went to lunch. Those big stories that aren't our own are sometimes the hardest to deal with, because A)being vulnerable about it may mean sharing something that isn't yours to share and B) you have even less control over it than you do your own problems (which is often very little anyway.) Which you all just said, with a little hair heart at the end. This is just my really wordy way of saying "preach."
Anonymous said…
Please let me know if you want a friend's company for tea, empathy, listening. And maybe some BTDTs.
xo Dianna
Judy Lee said…
And once again, our hair tells our story. Beautifully!
vanloon61 said…
thank you so much for posting this. it was exactly what i needed to read today. Good for you that you would be a lighthouse for others.
Twig said…
Hey, I could totally see the heart right away!