Thirty Day Challenge: Good Things Are Happening!

I'm keeping up with my five minute habits, as part of my Thirty Day Challenge. You should join me--I'm four days in and already, good things are happening.

For one thing, I gave up caffeine again.  I'd been tapering off and then went cold turkey on Saturday. Instead of the ten day SufferFest I had the last time, I really only felt "off" for two days, and then by Monday, I felt FANTASTIC.  Which reminded me why I want to live in alignment with myself in the first place --because it feels really true and right and good. Because I am patient and loving and kind.  There's this...expansiveness of goodness that happens when I'm not feeling rotten as a result of doing things that don't serve me.

I think it's interesting that the things I struggle with the most (especially meditation) are the ones I want the most.

Anyway, I have a big post in the works--actually, I have, like, SEVENTEEN posts in the works --but wanted to pop in for a quick update.  I hope you are feeling fantastic, too, and these little five minute challenges are helping you find your own alignment.



dixiedee said…
I always enjoy your writings....I have recently become interested in knitting socks and am wondering if you still knit socks as I used to read about it. Wondering if you have any good patterns or sources you could share. Also wonder if you use the circular method or the 4 needle technique? Thanks. Dixie
conniep said…
Glad you're back to posting to your blog. I've been following your blog surreptitiously for years and always look forward to what the you and the rest of the Coopers are up to. You certainly have had a growing life journey.

Like Dixie, you inspired me to try to knit socks. I didn't get very far, but will complete them sometime.

Look forward to your progress on your 30 day challenge. It is something that would be a good idea for all of us to focus on.
Barb Matijevich said…
Awww, thanks for reading along. I keep telling my girls they have a whole family of people who care about them that they may never meet, but whose positive energy is directed at them from all over!

The way I got started in sock knitting is through this online PICTORIAL/tutorial (I'm a visual learner) called Silver's Sock Class. Google that (since I don't know how to link in the comments) and there will be several tutorials up now. I used the socks on four double pointed needles. That's STILL how I knit them. Good luck and keep me posted! Here: maybe you can cut and paste.
Barb Matijevich said…
Also, I post a lot of sock updates on Facebook. Not sure if you all are interested in Facebook, but if you are, send me a friend request here:

I decided to follow you and do a bit of "housekeeping" in my own life...the mindful habits that needed tweaking and revisiting. You sound like you are really doing well...thanks for the blog updates! It is always good to read what you write.
Dianne said…
Hi. I feel a certain kinship. I'm pretty good at starting out, my whole house is evidence of that, but follow-through? Grrrr. What happened to all that Time Management stuff I've done?
Oh well, whenever you think of it, pick up and carry on! The rest of us are routing for you!