Friday in New York

So, we're here. We're actually on Long Island, where my husband is working.

We got up this morning at 5:00 and still barely squeaked out of the house and to the airport on time (no time for Starbucks!) I always love those hushed and hurried mornings when you're leaving on a trip. They make me remember my childhood. I guess I'm sort of like the dog--I am always excited to go ANYWHERE. (Well, some dogs. Not Scout, who has that whole motion sickness thing working.)

(Speaking of Scout, yesterday when I was trying to write my care and feeding of the Cooper Circus manifesto for my Mother-in-Law,this is what I kept seeing.
And you can't hear it, but he was moaning. So I would get up and then let him in and he would get so excited he would run right out the back door, which was standing open, and then realize that he was out in the back yard with no way to get in and so I'd see this again. The dog is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, know what I'm sayin'? )

(Dudes, a digression with pictures! Not everyone can do that, and from a strange lap top, no less.)

Anyway, we made the plane and after a little bit, I noticed that the world's most spectacular sunrise was happening, along with a full moon AND, you will NOT even believe this, I was turning the heel on my sock! It's like the planets aligning or something. A perfect moment. Just look. I couldn't get everything into one picture and a lot of my pictures ended up not coming out, or rather, were really accurate depictions of the groady airplane window. but look...

Then we got to New York and everything looked black and white. I don't know why but I've thought that before about New York, that something has bleached the color out of it. Maybe it's just that it is sort of gray and misty. I took some pictures from the airplane as we were flying in. We drove out Long Island, checked into our hotel, ate lunch and then my husband went to work and I took the car and went exploring. This part of Long Island is really surprisingly beautiful --I guess I thought it would be all asphalt jungle like Manhattan but it isn't at all. It's somehow more quaint than you would think. There are small boutique-like shops and cafes and the most beautiful trees everywhere. I didn't see a yarn store but I saw a ski outfitter place so there must be wool around!

Then I came back to the hotel to wait for Coop and I called Room Service, see(this doesn't count against the wine embargo because the company is paying for it --is that the most awesome thing ever?) and I got out my knitting, see,and here I sit.

In all honesty, I'm sort of afraid to call home and see how the kids are. I mean, do I really need that information or will it just depress me from afar?


Suna said…
Keep having fun and taking pictures! Wine, yarn, aaah.
Do not call! Cherish your solitude - I'm jealous. Even better than being alone at home, because at home you'd feel like you need to clean something up!
Anonymous said…
Today was indeed one of the most beautiful mornings ever. The air was crisp and the moon was so bright at 6:30, I had to brave the cold to get a better look. Fantastic!

I'm glad y'all have escaped for a little adult time. Enjoy every moment of it!

The piano tuner
hokgardner said…
Don't do it, don't call. I called home while on my trip and learned that B had handed the kids off to his mother for a night, which ticked me off for a number of reasons too complex to go into here. It ruined the rest of an otherwise lovely day.

If something's wrong, your m-i-l will call. Otherwise, don't worry about it.
Barbara said…
You are so lucky getting a weekend away. Cherish the time and don't phone home (though I have to say I would!). Loved the photos of the dog at the door - wee soul -and those from the plane are spookily lovely.
Can I just say how freaking jealous I am?!?! I wonder if I will ever in my life be alone in a hotel room with a bottle of wine (that I can morally drink) waiting for my husband to return while knowing that my kids are well cared for. You don't know how good you have it!
DK said…
::sigh:: So, so jealous right now...
Mokihana said…
Don't call!!!! If there's an emergency, your MIL will call you. Stay completely away, because if you don't, you will get dragged into home stuff when you really should be enjoying being away!

Read my beak, kitty cat. Do not call!
Lisa said…
My dog does the moaning at the door too - eventually he will bark if he feels ignored long enough.
Enjoy your days off - MIL will be able to handle it, she raised her own, if not she will call. Mot kids are behave better for others than for the parents anyway

Have fun!
MadMad said…
What a good blogger, writing on vacation! No calling home! Keep enjoying!
Lynn said…
What part of the island are you located? I used to live on the eastern end of LI and it's true, it is beautiful on parts of the island.