Speaking of Important Work

My nine-year-old is launching her own clothing design business. (Click on the pictures for a larger version to pop up.)

I admit, this whole collection made me laugh until I cried but I was also reminded that I love her so much, I think my heart could just burst with it. She's still so innocent of the world, you know, and yet so... I don't know what. So confident that she has something the world wants. I just... well, I get a little weepy.

And then my six (almost seven) year old had to make a community building to be part of the city that the first grade is putting together. Kids made buildings like these:
This is the bank (tall building) and the Doctor's Office.

This is the Fishing Shack, because every landlocked Texas city has one of those. (No, seriously.)

Movie Theater

Shoe Store


And MY daughter's contribution:

which she placed strategically right by the hospital.


Hey! I don't remember modelling for that purple dance outfit....but those are DEFINITELY my arms and my hips....what gives?


Love these!
CK Holder said…
May they never lose their confidence!
CK Holder said…
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CK Holder said…
I accidently hit enter twice and my comment was duplicated. So I deleted it and now it looks like I wanted to say something but thought better of it. My coffee is still working its way in my system.
MadMad said…
I want that silver and green gown... and you know, a ball to wear it to, a fancy prince who has someone else to do the dishes and change the diapers, and...

Oh! Where was I? Yeah - love the Mickey D's by the hospital, too!
Anonymous said…
Hmmm... copyright and personal injury lawyers for daughters... looks like you can retire!
hokgardner said…
The little city the kids are building at school is just too cool!
Ei said…
These are all wonderful. I particularly like that McD's seems to have been made from a Happy Meal Box. You've got thinkers. I've got them too...I'll have to send you a picture of what my son decided was the perfect use of a Happy Meal box.:)
Ei said…

Here it is!
I am so glad that your daughters are using their time productively. Mine are whining. All of them. Including the teenager. It's pathetic.

I second MadMad - I'll take the gown, but only if accessorized with the ball and the prince. Don't tell my husband.
Barb said…
No, that's the really funny thing--it's not a Happy Meal Box. My kids won't eat at McDonald's! Barb
Tara said…
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Suna said…
I really like the school clothes. You know they listen to you when they come up with a disclaimer, copyright information and a contract.

Imagine that child in 20 years. Whoa.
Barb said…
Okay, we got some spam in the comments, which was a first for me--WOOHOO, this must be the big time! Anyway, I turned the word verification dealie back on. Let me know if Blogger starts eating comments again.

DK said…
Re: the fashion line, again I say, who knew every ball gown had a "silver" lining? And I still love that the baby outfit comes with high heels.

Re: the town building, HA!! I freakin' love it.

My hospital, by the way (the big university one, not State Hospital) has a Wendy's in it. Which, they're taking out, and putting a McDonald's in its place. Right inside the hospital!!

The first time they call a code blue to the McDonald's, I'm going to laugh so hard I may wet myself.

Oh, and svmkuqmh. In honor of the word verification being back on.
Liz in Ink said…
The thing is, if we go to Jane's Mickey-Ds, we won't fit into Ana's Beach Dance outfit. Hmmm.

(by the way, my word verification is basically a version of ornery...)