Love (My Yard) Thursday

This morning, I awoke before the kids and came downstairs...

(which sounds very non-violent but in reality, I had set my alarm. Gotta keep it honest here.)

(Coop is out of town.)

I came downstairs as dawn was peeking through the trees out back. And this is what I saw:

Everything was still and quiet and shrouded in this peaceful mist. I interrupted my own little Moment to go get the camera so I could share it with you. (See how GIVING I am? Ah, that's just how we New Yorkers are.) (Y'all.)

I don't know. It set the tone for my morning --which was um, smooth and without yelling. Everyone got to school on time, with their lunches and without anyone getting lost or, get this, HONKED AT. Dude, I so rule.

And then the mist gave way to the most spectacular, 70 degree, incredible day. I longed to go to the beach and lay out while drinking margaritas out of a thermos with a really long straw...oh, right, that was a different (college-related) decade. Know what I did instead? I got more done than I've gotten done in any one day since we moved. No husband + kids in school = lots of boxes unpacked. I unpacked every box in the girls' rooms. Of course, my vacuum cleaner bit the dust (I'm thinking of replacing it with the Dyson Animal. Any opinions or advice?) but as soon as I buy a new one and do a little spiffing up, I'll post some pictures.

I even turned the heel on my latest socks that I'm knitting. Life is good.


MadMad said…
Oh, the Texas umbrella looks right at home! Glad you got through week 3!
Getting up ahead of the gang can sometimes do wonders for me, too. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to manage that lately. The sound of an alarm makes me sick to my stomach. That's how spoiled I am.
Lynn said…
Hey, Madame Expatriate, you might want to examine your blog profile [in all your copious free time]; allegedly you are still here in the Lone Star State. Sadly, we believe otherwise.
Those are gorgeous trees. I love the trees up north!!

I'm glad to hear that you're still finding a (little) time to knit. For some reason it worried me that you would move away and then never knit me a pair of socks. I mean, knit because you enjoy it so.
annabanana said…
ahhh, that looks like bliss. And I absolutely LOVE seeing that bright umbrella there in it all. I'm so happy that you are enjoying your new home and environment...there is life after Austin, and today I am headed to the beach to prove it to myself! In case you need something new to knit, check out this site which an online friend is starting - knitting shawls and scarves for people affected by sexual assault and abuse. I thought of you when I saw it:

And, here's a new pic of Baby Baker, who is a chunky monkey now!

baby Baker

HUGS!!! to the Coopers...
Anonymous said…
Mark is out of town!!??? You finally all got to the same state and he went out of town!!!???


My house could fit in your yard.
Tenna Draper said…
Oh, you should so get that Dyson, but get the one with the ball--it maneuvers easier.

The only issue that I have with upright vacuums is the beater bar, which always clogs and stops turning with animal hair in it...of course, if your animals don't shed, you won't have trouble...that or take Scout to the groomers every month--especially in the warmer weather, which you likely do anyway, so what am I talking about....

But yeah, I love my Dyson Animal.
LaDonna said…
I love my Dyson, Barb! But I have to disagree with Tenna about the one with the ball. We tried them when we were looking at them in the store and I found the ball one incredibly awkward. I suppose I would have gotten used to it, but from my POV, a vacuum cleaner shouldn't come with a learning curve.

Just my $.02 but Dyson RULES!
N. Maria said…
What a nice scene! Very peaceful looking, indeed.
We have a Dyson and, as much as it does a good job, it always smells like a wet dog when we start it. We could only clean what we could take apart and that Weiner-dog dander is in the nooks and crannies for life.
The pooches have passed on to Doggie Heaven so maybe we'll get the Dyson with the ball - as Teena suggests.
We also have a Rainbow that I really love.
CK Holder said…
I love the peacefulness of mornings before everyone gets up, too. The only thing standing in my way is my dog and the snooze button.

I have no advice for a vacuum, though. I picked mine to suck spiders not clean the floor.
Sue said…
What a beautiful yard. I love your labels. I'm going to have "I don't do linear" printed on a t-shirt or something. Awesome.
Lynne said…
I love getting up before everyone else. I'm sitting here this morning watching the sun come up and listening to the birds, it's wonderful!