Sick on a Stick

In case you have missed the news, I am ill. It's just a cold, probably, although the symptoms do mimic some sort of... Black Plague. (Which I totally spelled PLAQUE the first time I typed it. Always a little shaky when it comes to confusing historic epidemics and dentistry --that would be me. I realized the error of my ways, though, and while "black plaque" is certainly more rhythmic and conjures up people from the TIME of the Black Plague, who had limited access to toothbrushes and concern over oral hygiene in general (what with the life expectancy at about 33 years and growing shorter by the epidemic), it doesn't quite conjure up the image I was TRYING to conjure up. Which, namely, is that of me needing some sort of iron lung.)

Because I feel like Death on a Stick.

I am SO ill, in fact, that I can't sit at my desk in the Pygmy Maid's Room and have moved to the couch where I have a little blanket and also, HGTV on demand. This is good because my daughter Jane (7) has asked me to keep Big Bear company today, and perhaps read to him from "Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed."

Note Big Bear's natty scarf, which I knit for him myself.

It was good to finish something, because yesterday I had to rip out all of the neck of the sweater I'm knitting, once again. That's four times, for those of you keeping score at home. So many times that I decided that original skein of yarn was looking a little, um, TIRED and I have started over with a fresh skein. The other skein is in a Time Out awaiting some sort of Bad Knitting Cosmic Cleansing. Maybe I'll set it on fire and do a smudging. (Cranky, much?)

But as I was saying, I have moved my Pit of Misery into the family room. This required some delicate manipulation because I am the proud owner of a laptop with power issues. Said laptop with cord propped ever-so-carefully on memory card reader.

The battery no longer holds a charge and the power supply is fraying in two separate places. (Dudes, how Freudian is THAT? OF COURSE my laptop has POWER ISSUES!) The slightest movement and the screen goes black and I lose my work. I have to chance it though, because, I am SICK and cannot be jumping up every two seconds to check my e-mail just in case someone takes pity on me and sends me one.

(I may be sick but I am not stupid.)

So, I am on the couch, where, through the magic of trial-and-error and cursing, I now have easy access to my both my computer AND a barrel of tea. (Note the addition of milk to said tea so that I can avoid (wait for it) having black plaque.


(Oh, hush, it's the fever talking.)


TheOneTrueSue said…
ACK. Be careful. I kept having the same power issues with my laptop, and I didn't buy a new cord, and it kept going out and it eventually WIPED MY HARD DRIVE clean away. Irreparable.

Be very afraid. (But also - get better.)
Ann in NJ said…
Feel better soon. And I will cross my fingers and say a quick prayer for you that nobody else in your household gets the Black Plaque, or Plague, whichever.

However, there is nothing that gets a mom well faster than having to care for sick children. Whether she's ready for it or not.
Stefanie said…
Milk in tea. My British Half approves.

You're at least attempting a sweater. I am still leaving that to a later date.

Keep on truckin and feel better.
Karen said…
HEY! I think I have the exact same mugs!!!

(oh, yeah, sorry you're sick)
My preferred punishment for naughty yarn is to cut it into little pieces. You have to do this in front of your stash, so that maybe the rest of the yarn will think twice about causing a problem.
Unknown said…
mmm, tea and a blankie on the couch sounds good. can i be sick too? all you need are some nice bikkies to dip into it....
Miri said…
The thing about the hard drive getting wiped clean freaked me out a little.

Hope you feel better soon (and then spend some time faking sick so you can enjoy your couch and tea time better).
DK said…
Awwwwwww, feel better!!!

At least your sense of humor is intact!

Maybe Big Bear needs a sweater. Like, a smaller, practice version of your own.
Sorry about the cold! Of course, I approve of milky tea with English Ginger Nut biscuits but Hot-and-sour soup is even better. Have your husband stop at a Chinese take-away on his way home.
MadMad said…
I'm glad to see your illness has not harmed your sense of humor! Speaking of the Plague, though... have you ever read Year of Wonders? It's an awesome book. Perhaps not as good as Junie B. (current fave? Alohaha, though I have to say Franny K. Stein is Junie B's just slightly older sister and our newest fave - even for my son - because of course the girl is way beyond these things now.. and where the hell was I going with all this?!

Hm. No clue. Oh well. Feel better!
Katie said…
Sorry that you are feeling ill.

Would it help if I told you I am having a giveaway over at my place? Way better than sick on a stick.

Get better and have some more tea!
Anonymous said…
Did you read to the bear? I really need to know, because when I'm charged with responsibilities like that them out.