Happy (almost) New Year!

January 2, 2009

Things are off to a rip-roaring start here at the Cooper Clubhouse in this New Year, even though for me, the New Year won't start until Monday. Mainly because tomorrow is my anniversary and I have a sitter coming and that is no time to give up drinking and start a diet. It's kind of nice, actually, to have a little cushion of time to sort of EASE into the New Year and all the resolutions because frankly, after the holidays, I am usually very tired and it's hard to come up with the proper resolve and motivation.

(Of course, between you and me, I am also tired because one Edward the cat has been ready to get up and play at about 6:45 each morning. So he comes and bangs around on the blinds by my bed and knocks my glasses off of the nightstand and then. he. starts. with. the. catnip. mouse.

I find Edward playing with the catnip mouse very entertaining.

My spouse? Less entertained. More wanting the extra sleep of non-school days. More wanting a squirt bottle to teach the kitty to let us sleep in. ) (This seems the wrong time to remind him who BOUGHT the catnip mouse, ahem. I am nothing if not tactful at 6:00-ish in the morning.)

HOWEVER, I am filled with optimism for the new year and I am blissfully happy at this moment because my incredible house cleaners are here and they are buffing this house back into some semblance of neat and tidy. (Even they can't do much with the girls' rooms --their new Christmas stuff runneth over.)

In anticipation of the house cleaners coming, I worked all morning taking down the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree, tasks I truly loathe. But they're DONE--hurray for me! (Well, mostly done. The tree is still sitting on the front yard waiting for me to take the lights off. And the outside decorations are still up but I figure those can wait until the snow melts, or July or whenever I get around to it.)

(Cleverly denoting the passage of time.)

January 3, 2009

So, my husband got home last night and I was so excited about our clean house, I made him take a tour with me. I pointed out Courtesy Stripes and folded toilet paper points, these are the things that make me happy, happy, happy. Also: wine. Of which I'd had a fair amount or maybe I wouldn't have thought my spouse would be quite so interested in said stripes and toilet paper.

But anyway.

He humored me.

He always humors me. In fact, as of today, he's been humoring me for eleven straight years of marital bliss.

I find that I really like that in a husband.


MadMad said…
Ahhh... a mom's new year doesn't actually start till the Monday after, does it? I was going to write a post about that. If they ever leave me alone for a second's peace, that is...
Annabanana said…
ahhh, Happy Anniversary to you guys, hope the date night is WONDERFUL!
Mrs.Q said…
Happy Anniversary!
DK said…
Very useful in a husband indeed. As are many things about Coop. Happy anniversary to you both!!
I forgot that we share an anniversary! In fact, until Friday evening, both Larry and I totally forgot our anniversary - incredible, right? It's just been too crazy around here.
Happy, happy anniversary.

We got married around Christmas, too, and it proved to be a mistake. Year after year, in all the holiday blur, we find we rarely have the appetite for picking out more presents, for doing more eating and drinking. One year, we're just going to celebrate it in the summer.
Miri said…
Happy New Year AND happy anniversary. How clever of you, with the timing.
Anonymous said…
OK, I have to know, what are "Courtesy Stripes"? - Robin