Just Checking, No. 2

(For those of you who receive the blog via e-mail, there is a video here of me checking out the snow this morning. You can click on the title to see the video on the blog.)

(But don't feel you HAVE to, just if you're curious and want to hear me sound like a Smurf.)

Okay, so my new friend Anna, who blames my unbridled enthusiasm for the tremendous amount of snow that has fallen this year on Long Island, called me this morning. "Were you by any chance wishing for just one more good snowfall this winter around 2:00 this morning?"

"No. I did get up at 1:00 and look outside and feel totally cheated that we didn't have any snow, though."

"Ah HAH!"


Katie said…
I heart the snow too! I wish we were getting more of it but alas, alack, we're not. Woe to me.

So happy that you get some though.

You only sound the teeniest bit like Smurfette.
Poppy B. said…
You what else hasn't gotten old? Sitting here reading blogs and listening to other people shovel.
Kathy Ireland said…
Sigh. Blogger is acting up. As I was saying...ahem...

it's snowing like a MF here today. I have ALWAYS loved winter, snow, ice, cold...until this year. Could it be that after 43 years I'm finally getting tired of it?
Stefanie said…
You may be the cause, Barb! I've told you that you had weather-related superpowers.
Poppy B. said…
I just came over here to admit that I am, in fact, old as the hills.

Then I saw my previous comment with its missing word and realized that my need for new reading glasses was affecting my ability to comment.

That was supposed to read:

"You KNOW what else hasn't gotten old?"

You know what HAS gotten old?

Anonymous said…
Seriously? Seriously?!!! Because it's really, REALLY old here across the Sound. Really!