So, it's embarrassing how many half-written posts I have in the queue but sometimes things happen that sort of take precedent.

Yesterday, we went over to my friend Linda's house for barbecuing and swimming. You remember Linda as my friend and fellow knitter whose car I hit, right? The NICEST person. And married to Bob, who is also the NICEST person. If there were any justice in the world, they'd have won the lottery many times over. As it is, when *I* win, I plan on buying Bob a big ole sailboat.

There's a story behind that but it's not really my story to tell.

Anyway, Linda's daughter-in-law, Rebecca, is ALSO in my knitting group and she's just lovely. She always calls me on my Southern "I hope I didn't offend anyone/I hope I didn't talk too much/ I hope I didn't breathe in an obnoxious manner" shtick which makes me laugh really hard. Like, last night, she said, "Will you shut UP? I would have thought you'd have felt safe HERE." Which made me laugh and also? Get a little teary. You know that feeling when you just know that people "get" you and love you? That's the feeling I have with Rebecca, Linda and Bob. And I really do feel 'safe' with them. Safe enough to be myself and pull out my knitting while hanging out in my BATHING SUIT and SNEAKERS. Safe enough that I mentioned, of my own free will, that I had gone bra shopping and the bras I buy now are the size of condos in the Village. (Hey, look at me making a New York joke!) (Look at me talking about foundation wear in almost-public! Y'all, I am so being assimilated!)

(Well, okay, maybe I'm not COMPLETELY assimilated. When we were leaving, I hugged Bob and said, "You know, I was just thinking that it's a shame you can't pick your relatives because I'd pick you" or something to that effect. Apparently, this was both a bit much but also, in retrospect, maybe not such happy a thought for BOB. I mean, what if everyone he and Linda invite to dinner asks to be part of their family? I was trying to tell him that he's one of my all-time favorite people but instead, I sort of sounded like some deranged product of inbreeding. Or maybe he thought I was proposing, although that would be awkward seeing as how we both have spouses I like. I don't know. Maybe I could have just said, "Thank you so much!" and left it at that?)

At any rate, it was a lovely, lovely time and Linda and Bob, if you're reading this, thank you very much!


MadMad said…
You are so funny! Now... when you hugged him.. were you wearing a bathing suit? Just wondering.
I'll see you your condo in the Village and raise you a rowhouse in Brooklyn. You mean Southerners don't talk about foundation wear? How do you gals manage?