Love MY LUNCH Thursday

It happened today.

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting.

We had such a wet spring that I didn't think today was ever going to get here.

I checked every single day, even when I had to put my galoshes on to do so.

It is not lost on me that this day won't come again for at least two weeks since the girls and I leave on our European trip tomorrow. (More about that when I'm officially done freaking the frak out.)

Meanwhile, shall I show you what took so long to get here? Are you sure?

Today was a banner day for the Cooper Garden. Not only did it produce THESE (our first of the season):

But also? Look what I had for lunch today!!!!

The girls and I have rediscovered our bread machine so that's fresh, homemade bread with mayonnaise slathered all the heck over it and the first tomato of the year from my very own, rockin'-this-world-and-the-next garden.

If I were any happier, I'd be twins.


Unknown said…
AAAAAAHHHH I am jealous. Not only is it nigh impossible to grow tomatos here, but the ones we get in the grocery store are grainy and don;t taste like tomatos.
The Dister said…
I just got drool on my keyboard.

Have a great trip! I didn't realize you were leaving so soon!

When you told about the trip a few weeks ago, it seemed like a long time until you were leaving and now? You're leaving!

It's gonna be awesome.
Karen said…
I am drooling. Literally, not figuratively. And am eager to hear more about the planned European adventure. That has me jealous, too.
Mokihana said…
Wow... my tomatoes aren't ripe yet but I DID pick and eat the first zucchin last night!
Miri said…
Oh, wow! Yummy. And this brings me to:

Who's picking your tomatoes while you're gone?!
Nothing better than a mayo/fresh tomato sandwich...unless, of course, you feel like adding a chunk of mozarella to that...
Mrs.Q said…
I hope that was REAL mayo! Congrats on the veggies, & Bon Voyage!
My fantasy lunch: Fresh focaccia, olive oil, your tomatoes: I'd be in heaven. Have a smashing time on the continent!
Ann in NJ said…
Tomatoes already? You must have started them in March! Cucumbers, yeah, but tomatoes! I'm SO jealous. Of course, the deer eat ours, so I don't even try anymore. But I buy local when I can.

I hope you're growing basil to go with!